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I am on Carboplatyn and Caelyx and have had 8 lots so far this year, I am having awful headaches and my sinuses are very sore above my eyes and my neck and bottom of my skull. I have hay fever as well but have always had this, is anyone else suffering like this and are there any tips to ease the pain? Paracetemol does not hit the spot and I cannot take Neurofen because of other medication. Any help much appreciated.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Barbara - so sorry to hear you have this unpleasant condition on top of everything else. Have you discussed this with your oncologist? Mine managed to fast track an appointment for me with the ENT clinic. They found I had nasal polyps, for which they prescribed drops and various other meds - also antibiotics for the infection. Sorry can't help with pain advice - Paracetamol ok for me - but perhaps your oncologist can prescribe something more effective for you. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Barbara, o boy can I relate to the sinus problems with this regime ! I have always suffered with catarrh , and had some polpys removed about 13 years ago.

    I am on the carbo/Caylex and have suffered all the way through, bunged up, coughing the stuff from my chest. Been on antibiotics and a steroid nose spray. About half way through I had some slight nose bleeding and seem to have a sore up one side which is scabby. Also suffering from an extremely dry mouth overnight which wakes me every hour or so. The oncologist has made no comment about this, have been to my GP who gave me some pastilles, which help with my dry mouth, as long as I don't fall asleep with one in my mouth ! Obviously I sip water through the night but that does not help much either. This night time issue drives me mad. I was so congested I have been using Sudafed decongestant to relief the face pain but I suspect that is not helping with the dryness of my mouth. Lem sip is quite good for me, I have tried everything, sinus wash, Olabas oil, salt inhalers, Vick, vapourisers, all only give a temporary relief. I would not be surprised to find I have polpys back again and I think it's the Caylex that is doing the damage, carbo in the past has not given me this. Just hope it's doing the damage to my tumours also !! But I suspect not after my last ca125. Depending on my results I am going to ask to see a specialist about it.

    Will be interested to hear about any medication they give you.

    Best wishes, Trix

  • Hi

    Thanks for getting back and being so helpful. I also have a very dry mouth and it does wake me up in the night but sleep is a bit of a stranger to me and I am always awake no matter how much I do in the day! My ca125 has also been climbing but my tumors are stable so perhaps the higher reading has something to do with this sinus problem. I also have Reiki and she could tell me that I did have problems round my head area and I said I suffered from my sinuses and hay fever so she said that could be what she was picking up. She also knows when my tumors are ok and has been right every time so far, how she does it I don't know!

    I will let you know if I get any relief but I have changed my hayfever tablets and things are slightly easier with the headaches and I am on Co-codamol which is better for the pain. I am also sure that it is the Caylex because Carbo did not give me any symptoms before.

    Best wishes and thanks again for the support and help which is much appreciated.


  • Sounds v familiar ! Acupuncture and sudafed work for me, also a vics over the counter nasal spray to counteract the drying effect of avastin . I should have had a good chemo weekend last week but didn't cause of sinus infection , don't know what's worse! Hope something works for you soon xx

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