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MRI result (sort of)

Had 'phone call from gynacology nurse yesterday. I was told that the cyst is fluid filled and that they are almost certain it is not cancer. I was also told that I would have it removed by Laproscopic surgery and that the op would be performed in October. I asked whether the cyst had got larger...don't know, Would surgery take place at local hospital...don't know, Could a cyst the size of mine be removed laproscopically...don't know, As I am in so much pain and discomfort could op be sooner...doubtful. I am off to see my gp next week (on hols, gp, not me) to see if I can get some answers of the "don't know" kind.

I must say the nurse was very pleasant but said she did not have any information with regard to most of my questions. I also asked how can they be sure it is not cancer and she told me that the radiographers have a very good success rate of reading MRI scans. so, watch this space...waiting yet again.

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Hi there.. Sometimes surgeons remove the fluid first and then it can be removed more easily. A fast growing fluid filled cyst is most likely to be a benign cystadenoma. October really isn't far off. Xxx

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Hi Twerpy,

How utterly frustrating for you! Is there any chance of you calling her back and politely asking if you could speak to someone who" does Know" the answer to your questions? It would drive me bonkers having a life changing conversation about if you do or don't have cancer, and very obviously important questions about your body just shurugged

off because she is not fully informed.

. I have opted to have results phoned to me (just like you) rather than a letter BECAUSE you will have questions and worries. Maybe I should ask for a letter instead?

Im sure the nurse is wonderful and caring but it is unprofessional to call a patient with half a story and expect you to be happy to wait two months for your questions to be answered. If she didn't have full information she A should find out all the relevant info before calling you or B :should say " I am unable to answer your questions but I will have somebody call you back who can answer your questions.

As a retired nurse, and as a frightened patient I am myself waiting for MRI because of complex mass found I can see your difficulty from both sides.

Its a great shame the reassuring news is buried in a mass of questions , queries and lack of knowledge.

I really hope you find your answers resolved VERY soon.

Keep us up-dated

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I have an appointment with my doctor next week. She "get things done" and I am sure she will get the answers for me. Thanks for your reply and I hope you get the outcome we all hope for with your results. I will keep posting my progress.


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