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Hi ladies, wondering if any one has had upper arm ache.been having this intermittent ache for some time now.i have mentioned to my onc a number of times .but never been given an explaination for it. I have finished my 3rd line chemo in May and now on a parb inhibitor.Its probably the consequences of chemo I keep telling my self.but anxiety gets in way and I find my self giving myself unnecessary worry thinking it could be something more serious. I get annoyed with myself as this is my break from chemo and I still need reassurance. Should I go my gp. I feel like a hypacondriac.

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Maybe go to your gp and get it checked out. I got frozen shoulder, where the upper arm aches and had to have physio etc. It was painful to move my whole arm at times. Then again it could be the chemo, take paracetamol and see if that helps and if no improvement, I would certainly see my gp


Thankyou for you reply.probably go to gp and get it checked.it will give me reassurance.hope you arm has improved since having phyiso. I think we put everything down to chemo.


Do go to your GP - it is quite possible that it is not related to your cancer. I started having lots of problems with my right arm - tingling, aching, numbness - and it turned out to be caused by osteoarthritis in my neck. My GP prescribed pregabalin, and a very low dose of this seems to keep my symptoms in check.

Hope you find relief and reassurance soon!



Thankyou Barbara, never even thought of osteoarthritis.did you have some tests. Terrie x


My shoulder became inflamed and frozen after chemo. I also never got a satisfactory explanation. Go to the GP. This disease, is the gift that keeps giving. I have found other people also complaining of joint and aches. Hope that helps. My shoulder is alot better but still not perfect. I exercise it.


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