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I was given the 'all clear ' 3 weeks ago after a chest & abdominal ct scan.I was delighted as you can imagine!

I went to my doctor yesterday as I have been having dreadful pain in my neck/shoulder & lower back, had some blood in my phlegm & was very breathless.

He sent me to the hospital immediately where they found that I have a small clot & chest infection.

I can't believe this can happen so quickly...anyone had a similar experience?

I've got to inject myself with Fragmin for at least a month

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I am sorry to hear this but at least your pain has a reason and can be dealt with now. I imagine you are on warfarin or similar for a while. It can happen after chemo, but its treatable. Hope you feel better soon

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I bet it is very uncomfortable, my son had a similar thing and after a couple of days of treatment in hospital all was good. He then had hefty antibiotics just to make sure it was dealt with. They seem to be very good with this kind of treatment.

Best wishes

LA xx


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