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Treatment in Germany?

Hello again everyone,

I wondered if anyone on here knew of anyone who had travelled abroad for treatment? I have been looking at clinics in Germany and Switzerland, and they do seem to offer some interesting ideas like hyperthermia, detoxification, lower dose chemo etc.

My feeling is that I do not want a second onslaught of chemo at the moment as I feel quite well. (Although Sod's Law, I have a nagging pain in my side today.) I would prefer to try something that might get me back into remission but without compromising my immune system too much.

Maybe I could ask my onc if she would consider a low dose of carbo or something?

Any positive ideas very gratefully received, as ever :-)

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Hi Hectoria

Yes I do know two women who've been to Germany to try hyperthermia. One, Beth Marketson, actually did a radio interview with Jason Mohammed on Radio Wales which was recorded during her treatment. I wonder if it's possible to trace the interview for you to hear Beth's account.

Germany certainly have a very good track record with cancer but it's worth bearing in mind nobody has discovered a cure for advanced ovarian cancer. I was interested in their approach to integrated medicine whereby they combine homeopathy/herbal remedies with conventional medicine. This is available in the UK and a few centres offer this. I consulted a homeopath in the Leaders in Oncology Care Clinic in Harley Street and was advised by Dr Sosie Kassab who's a Director of the London School of Integrated Medicine. You might find such a consultation helpful.

wishing you all the best with this train of thought. x Annie


Germany offers cyberknife treatment at various places . If you are suitable it can cure !


Haven't been to Germany for treatment, but the sound of hypothermia and detox sounds good. Cancer cells die at about 42 C degree so why not hypothermia?


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