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Last few breaths

I didn't write on here very often as mum was doing ok but, there's always a but...........

️My has been fighting OC for 2 years from diagnosis but she is now taking her last breath before she's taken from us.

I am heartbroken but I will know that this awful disease can't harm her any longer. I despise OC and any cancer. It's a cruel nasty piece of work.

I love you so much mum for the strength you have shown while fighting this. You are my inspiration on this planet


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There's nothing I can say that will help you through this, but my thoughts are with you and your mum.

Dawn xx


Kind thoughts are being sent your way, yes cancer is nasty but your Mum will be at peace no more treatment or pain. You are such a kind hearted daughter and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


No words can ease your pain. Cancer can never take your precious memories of your mum will last forever xo


You and your mum are in my thoughts tonight,xx


I'm so very, very thoughts are with you.



So sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with mum at this time.

Love Irene xx


So sorry to hear your news. Peace from all the suffering and worry will carry you through. Us ladies will carry on the fight. My thoughts are with you

Christine x


My thoughts are with you. Sending love for your mum , you and your family

Aemi x


Ovarian cancer took my 58 year old mum last August after 13 months. It is truely the most horrendous time. The loss is unbearable and it's so painful that my body physically aches. However saying that almost 8 months later, I now think more of my mum than I do about the cancer. I think of her every waking moment and dream of her at night. But it's more happy thoughts. Of things we did, times we spent. To live each day, I live for her. She was my whole world, my inspiration and the person I admired most. I still come on this site occasional, tho I never post. It helps. Makes me realise I'm not on my own. Cancer took my mum took over our lives and somehow we keep going. Be strong. Take care and thoughts with you and your family x


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