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Is it normal to still have pain from surgery 2 years on?

Hi lovely ladies. Went for my 3 month check yesterday. I've been feeling much better recently except that I still have pain at the site of my surgery. My onc is sending me for a CT scan and also another CA125 as it has crept up though still within normal range. Just wondering if anybody else still has this?

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Hi there

I was operated on in January 2010 and still have significant pain. I believe that this is not's a pain...LOL ...but I have learned to live with it. It has got less bad since the two year mark.

So it's not uncommon...perhaps not normal.

Take care xxx


My gp has told me I will get pain because having surgery is foreign to the body so pain can happen post surgery. Try not to worry, it is good to get a check up anyhow and hopefully all will be good


Hi. I still have pain and my Onc told me it was adhesions and there would be tenderness around the area as I had an extensive surgery. It's hard not to worry but it did reassure me and I was glad I got it checked x


Hi, I still have nagging achey pain near where original pain before dx was but from MRI Dr says it is almost certainly post op scarring ... It's hard not to worry though isn't it?! Also my Dr doesn't believe in routinely checking ca125. Wondering if I should have a CT scan. I hope yours is ok.

Take care. Xx


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