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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is days away this March and as Ovacome's PR person I'm looking for women who have been treated for ovarian cancer and would be happy to help the charity raise the profile of the disease by talking to the press.

We have two awareness initiatives this year which I need cases studies for so that I can interest the local newspapers in running a story on them. Getting stories in the press is a really effective way to tell others about this disease which so few know the symptoms of. All that I would need from you is 20 minutes on the phone to tell me your story and a photo. I will write up a press release from our conversation, send it to you for approval and then pass it into a local paper journalist, who might want to talk to you again and maybe take your photo.

Can you help? If so, please contact me on julietmorrison@btconnect.com or phone me on 01273 208356/0778 465 2520.

Thank you so much.


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  • Juliet I have sent you an email, more than happy to help

  • Email sent to you

    Dawn xx

  • I am a survivor of ovarian cancer, surgery twice, chemo for year and half, radiation and been in remission now for two years, I have had every thing removed, live life to the fullest, positive attitude, Drs. Counted me out from the beginning, right now I am their poster patient. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  • Anything that helps raise awareness of the evil disease has to be a bonus. Let's do it ladies.

  • I am happy to be involved. I will email you. Avis

  • Hi Juliet - happy to raise awareness - have just emailed you.

  • Am e mailing you, the more the merrier WEmust get thi desease noticed Marilyn

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