Hi everyone, yesterday i saw registrar for review, ct scan results,it showed tumors shrinking,but my ca125 has jumped up to 130 from 90. I am stage four,with ovarian,peritoneal, and lung cancer,plus clots in the lung.Currently on Advastin.Diagnosed last October. I do feel well,except back pain and constipation,i take laxitives,eat lots of fruit, and drink prune juice(eneogh to move an elephant)lol. Its my ca125 im worried about.its gone up 40 in three weeks,anyone had this,frightning. Hope you all have a lovely weekend,Meg xx

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  • Hi, In relation to raised ca125 reading - did you have a little infection and this can affect reading. I am the opposite - my reading is usual low and has never been higher than 69, so Doc & Onc knows that this test does not give a very reliable result for me, mind you they do it every 3 weeks.

    In respect of constipation - i have been advised to take 1 movicol eery morning and night in addition to 2 senecot and there is a huge improvement. I sip the movicol over about 10/15 minutes also. I have added pears and kiwis to my diet together with seeds on my cereal or in yogurt.

    Best of luck, Daisies.

  • Same as Daisies, my CA 125 wasnt higher than 250( stage 3c). After first line of chemo it dropped to 40 and was raising 2 and half years before i needed second line. Everyone is different and in my case onco goes by symptoms .

    Good luck and hope this is nothing to worry about x

  • Thanks ladies,my highest ca125 was over4,000 when first diagnosed. I havent had an infection,thats what worries me. I also take movacol and sennacot and yes it is very good. But tend to stay at home,30 second warning.meg xx

  • Thanks Sally, it is a bit of a worry,i will phone my cns on Monday and see what she says.meg xx

  • My onc at Weston Park doesnt seem to worry about ca125. When first diagnosed 3b in 2007 mine was 17 so after surgery and carboplatin only on research trial went 6 years without having bloods done. Recurrence confirmed January this year with mets in liver, lung and pelvic mass found by my gp with a raised lft. Was 3000 plus before trying carbo again then caelyx with mixed response. Now nearly 1000 and on watch and wait. Not having bloods done at moment as soft tissue mets are stable and just had radiotherapy for pain from pelvic mass. Ct scan in 12 weeks then may try a new regime. My onc says ca125 alone is not reliable hence scan to detect growth rate. Off on holiday tomorrow to Majorca! Hope all goes well for you and I know its hard not to worry but I honestly believe if my ca125 had been monitored the six years I would have been a nervous wreck! Good kuck, Carole x

  • Thanks Carole,that makes me feel so much better,have a lovely holiday,meg xx

  • Hi Annielawrie, this oc is an emotional roller coaster, I am also over here in Ireland and have been on Avastin for a year now first with gem and now on its own. Again my markers do not necessarily rise. At once stage they dropped a little because I had shoulder surgery for bursitis into the bargain. So the 125 is not a definite answer for me unless I am on treatment. This may not be anything to worry about, I often felt my tummy was a little swollen but its my imagination running riot. Wait and see and ask as many questions and if you feel Avastin would be helpful, do ask them to refer you to a hospital that uses the drug. last week there were talks about another drug on trial in Uk like Avastin maybe you could ask about that. Wishing you the best

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