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Back Again

Hello All,

Since the five months as I posted my concerns, I finally decided to have an 

(Laparoscopic Hysterectomy) right ovarian removal 9/4. My doctor called me with unexpected news he received report from pathology they found Granulosa Cell Tumor. He did mention to me it a rare cancer. Now waiting to see Oncologist two more weeks. Since this is all new to me is there any information about Granulosa someone who being affect by Granulosa who can share with me.

Thank you, just concern! !

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Hi, I also have granulosa cell tumours. They are rare & slow growing. I was told initially after surgery that my tumour had been removed, & that granulosa cell tumours, if they recur, often don't recur for 20 years or so. I believe some other ladies on this site have been told 30 years. A few ladies are unfortunate & get earlier recurrences. If the tumours do recur, the usual treatment is repeated surgery. They usually try chemo etc if surgery isn't an option, as it doesn't work so well on granulosa cells.

I was told by one oncologist that if you have to have oc, granulosa cell is the one to have, though I'm sure we'd all prefer not to have any.

Wishing you well & good health in your future.



Am trying to be strong, not going to lose sleep over this. Glad to know it's a slow growing cells. Yes, I agree with you nobody needs go through this. Thank you so much sharing your information. .



I had a full hysterectomy and removal of ovaries as well as a tumour that turned out to be a GCT.

Like you I knew nothing about these tumours and when I finally had an appointment with a gynae- oncologist I was told the something- they are slow growing and may not reappear for twenty to thirty years if at all.

I hope you have had your mind put to rest by this information.


Anne xx


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