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I had my MRI yesterday, had a weight put on my stomach as well was in there for 50 mins and was freezing cold from the air conditioning. went to see the consultant about half hour later and he told me he will need someone to report on the scan as there is to many things to look at but he sent me straight away for a CA125 blood test, and I need to see him next week for all the results. So another week of waiting, and another week of pain, finger crossed.

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Hi, I know it is really hard waiting for results when you want answers now! At least you're 'in the system' now and things do move quickly if the medics have concerns and as you know your MRI will show much more detail than an U/S. I see you had a CA125 test before and it was 100, the new test will probably show pretty much the same result.

It may be difficult at your next consultation to take in all of the information you're going to receive and undoubtedly the Consultant will talk about their plan of action, so it would be really good if you have someone who can go with you to support you and maybe to make notes?

Wishing you all the very best, Love Libby x


The advice from Libby regarding having someone is good. I know waiting is a really hard time but it is important that your consultant has a clear picture. I know it's hard but if you can find some distraction activities it does help to make the time go a little quicker.

Wishing you all the best,

Zannah x


Its usual for a cons radiologist with specialist interest in gynae oncology to report on scans. All cons like to get a full picture. Even then, they might not say it is definitely one thing or another. I agree, the waiting is awful. Have you banything to take your mind off it. I continued to work, despite pain, as I felt concentrating on my work would stop me googling etc. Ask your GP for some decent pain relief in the meantime, and if you need to rest, do so. Thinking of you. Ann xo


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