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My mum has 3c ovarian cancer and is having her first recurrence, she finished chemo in jan this year. She has pleural effusion and chest infection . She also has aceties. They have started on a morphine and anti sickness drug in a syringe driver. She is alert and they want to get her fit for treatment again. My fear is that syringe driver is end of life, is my mum dying and we don't even know? Doctor haven't said anything and when I ask about plans of care they just nod and say very little! It's a scary time

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Hi there. I have stage 3c. I have had everything described plus severe kidney infections, diverticulitis, developed diabetes and have been in hospital numerous times. I'm on my third reoccurrence and I'm still here after 3 years. Everyone faces this disease individually however there are many commonalities. I know it's scary for you but try to be strong. Ask the questions and demand the answers. Your mum is going through a rough time she is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. Xx Trish


Thank you so much for your kind words, keep strong. This is a wonderful website with inspirational women whom take time out to give advice and support to others x


Sending you virtual hugs as you face this difficult time. I hope your mum's strength does pick up so that she can have further treatment. It is sometimes difficult for doctors to know how individuals will respond, so your mother's may not be being evasive, they might just be waiting to see what happens. It might help you to talk to one of the nurses on the Ovacome helpline on 0845 371 0554. They are very helpful. Take care of yourself too.

Love Millie xx


The advice given above is good and I can't really add to it. I just wanted to wish you and your mum well .


Zannah x


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