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My Dr. when doing my prescription for letrazole did double dose that hospital gave me I have been week tired feeling sick just because they did not check dosage should have been 1.5mg gave me 2.5mg make sure that does not happen to you as I have been really awful for a month, until I told my mac. nurse who asked me to check dose every time make sure correct.

Love Jenny.

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  • For goodness sake! Surely patients aren't being expected to check the dosage of their prescription these days. Jenny, that is a terrible mistake. Apply it to some of the drugs and treatments we have and it would have done some very serious harm.

    I'm so relieved you've got the dosage sorted out now. How frightful!

    Take care. xx love Annie

  • Thanks Annie, it was a bad mistake, but mac. nurse brilliant in picking it up. xxx

  • According to what i,ve read, 2.5mg is the normal dose as per this link


  • well pretty sure on 1.5mg but find out on Monday.xxx

  • He may have his reasons but worth clarifying. I remember when Sandra was prescribed Tamoxifen 40mg, it was twice that for breast cancer, I challenged it to find 40mg is normal for OC. Xx

  • How confusing- The tablets seem to only come in the 2.5 mg strength, I don't think they are scored so would be difficult to reduce the strength. But even if scored, so they could be halved, that would not give you 1.5mg. Please contact your doctor ASAP on Monday, but I'm sure the nurse would have checked with someone, so very strange. I hope this gets resolved quickly and you feel better.

    Best wishes,

    Ali x

  • Thanks Ali will do.xxx

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