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Help needed with a survey for younger ovarian cancer women

Are you between the age of 18-45 and would you be interested in taking part in a survey about the fertility issues and fears of recurrence in young ovarian cancer patients?

This is being undertaken by a Phd student in Scotland and has been approved by all the relevant authorities. The link below should take you to more information about the study and the survey itself. If you need any more information do give Ruth in the Ovacome office a ring

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I would like take part in the survey please


Hi Lollie, it's not very clear on this site but the post is three years old so the survey is closed. It may be if you follow the link and have a nosey around that you'll find the results and paper.

There is a really good guide for younger women ( the link is on thr right hand side under 'pinned posts', which may also be of interest as covers these issues. Best wishes, Sx


Ok thank you sunlfleury. I'll take a look xx


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