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Cin3/cgin off for scan and have symptoms of OC very very scared


I am nearly 28 and have a 15month daughter - since my daughter was born I have had persistent pain in my lower back and tummy, I have always put it down to childbirth and the changes of the body I have also since having a baby had chronic constipation and frequency in urination. After a routine smear test I had a high grade dsykorisis result. I have since had a loop procedure and the results came back with CIN3/CGIN - they have referred me for a scan to check any further abnormalities - after looking online I am now terrified my other symptoms such as constipation and urine frequency with the persistent pain hints at OC , I am terrified - if there is anyone out there who can relate please do as I am so scared to leave my daughter without me

Many thanks

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