pride of britain awards

Well girls , just to let you know i am ready and rearing to go to Londons" Pride of Britain awards" tomorrow night. I fly out in morning and we are staying at the sumptious cumberland hotel at marble arch!!I Have my toe nails painted teal for the occasion and will paint my ever so short finger nails tomorrow when I get there. Will keep you all posted of all the celebs i meet and score them out of ten! Only joking!1 I am so excited.xx Una .

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  • Sooo excited for you, love x G x :-)

  • Best wishes Una, We hope you have a fantastic time. Enjoy.

    Andy and Angie x

  • Have a wonderful time Una, am very excited for you!! Love Kaz xx

  • Good luck,will be watching. No matter the outcome you have done brilliantly to get this far. Future generations of NI woman will have a lot to thank you for xxxx

  • You've done a wonderful job so far, you truly deserve to win. And I hope, very sincerely, that you do win... Vicky xxx

  • Have a lovely time Una- you really deserve it.

    Anne x

  • Have a great time Una. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Love Mary xx

  • Will be watching tomorrow night with my popcorn. Have a wonderful time.

    Dee xx

  • Have a wonderful time. It will be great.

  • Wonderful Una .. Have a lovely time! X x x x x x x!

  • Have a fantastic timexx

  • Hi Una have a wonderful time I will be glued to the telly.

    Linda x

  • Have a really fab time Una. I will be looking for our lady in teal. You deserve this honour you have done so much for OV.

    Lots of love and cwtches.



  • So proud of you, Una. You're doing a wonderful job of raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer even though you're back on the Chemo. have a marvellous time - you're going to look beautiful and superbly co-ordinated in your teal colour scheme.

    Have fun, love Solange

  • Can anyone help me? I've just read Dee's post that it's on tomorrow night. Can't find it on the BBC website. What channel is it on? What time? I'm hopeless as I don't watch TV but I'm spending tomorrow evening with my step-daughter she might be able to help me find it and record it if that's possible. I'm having my first session of chemotherapy tomorrow Una so if I can record your show I'll watch it all night!!!!

    You've done amazingly well and I'm really proud of you for having been nominated for this award and for raising the awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

    Enjoy your wonderful day and evening and the sumptuous hotel. xx love Annie

  • Good luck tomorrow Annie, be thinking of you. Are you trying he cold cap? i also can't find it on tv- did anyone message you the answer to your question - if so let me know - would love to watch it also xx

  • Oops just found Sharon's answer - ignore x

  • I agree Mary. Trusts will be less complaisant if they realise patients are looking around and judging which ones give a good services.

    Perhaps we should follow Una and start our own Pride of Chemotherapy Units Award UK! lol xxx

  • Fantastic - have a great time Una.

    Annie, it is being shown on tv on ITV at 8pm on Tuesday October 8.

    best wishes


  • Have a wonderful time. x


  • Have yourself a FANTASTIC time Una, enjoy every minute of it, its your SPECIAL TIME, look forward to watching it on tv. Love Trish xx

  • Have an amazing time Una! I will be looking out for you. You are an amazing woman and you are an inspiration. Ovarian cancer cannot get too much publicity. You go girl!

    Honey xxxx

  • So proud of you, have a fabulous time xx

  • Gosh Una we are all so excited for you and sounds like we will all be glued to the tele. looking for the beautiful lady in teal, Well done in achieving this we are very very proud of you .thinking of you today in all that I hope will be an amazing one

    love and hugs Jenny xxx.

  • Have a wonderful time Una. We're all just so proud of you. Enjoy every second of it!

    SA100 XXX

  • Enjoy your special day Una, best wishes,

    Love Ally xx

  • Enjoy every minute of it- the 'stars' will be very lucky to meet such a shining star as you. Very best wishes, Sxx

  • Have a great time Una, will be looking out for you xxx

  • Yes Do score the celebs out of 10 but most of all enjoy yourself. If you feel nervous at any stage imagine us all by your side.

    S XXX

  • God Bless Una have a great time, can't wait to hear all about it. Love Btte xxx

  • The celebs will want your autograph. Hope you gave your pen at the ready. Have a great time - you deserve it. Love n hugs Izzy xxx

  • Have an amazing time and enjoy it! Will be watching!


  • Have a fantastic time, I'll be watching!

    Annette xxx

  • Have a wonderful time.


    Zannah x

  • Have a wonderful time I will be looking out for the Lady in Teal! Love Pam x

  • Have a fantastic time,will be watching ,Love Sue xx

  • You've done so much to raise awareness your a true winner. Thank you for all your hard work.. Enjoy xxx

  • That is brilliant, Una. Enjoy it all.


    Eileen xx

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