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new cancer drugs

Mail On Sunday report on new cancer breakthrough drugs using our own immune systems turning against tumours, not only skin cancer cured but other cancers too, this is very exciting news, known as Ipi( ipilimumab ) and anti -PDIs Doctors can actively reboot the immune system. they breakdown the cancer cells when used together still in clinical trials but great hopes for all cancers eventually, did anyone else read it.

love to all Jennyxxx

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I've just looked it up, here is the link if anyone missed it.

Thanks for pointing this out, a very interesting read.



Thanks trust me not to put link in thanks Lily-Anne

Regards Jenny


Very interesting, thanks Lily-Anne. Just wish that they were on the market NOW for all of us ! Love Trish xx


Thanks Jenny, and thanks Lily-Anne for the link. I always like to read positive news in the papers. It might be for us but good to get involved in the interests of our children and future generations. xxxx love Annie


Very encouraging news. Thanks Jenny & Lily-Anne.

Mary xx


be great if true , i've got nothing to try . all i've got is to come to terms with it and worst of worst no idea of a timeline . Feeling fed up sorry girls .


Well they are doing trials now perhaps worth mentioning to your Doctor or Onc. we have nothing to loose but all to gain. It mentioned many sorts of cancers being cured ok not ovarian but we should be given a chance too. it has been successful on many late stage cancers why should it not work on our 's? sorry your feeling fed up Possum56 some times it really is hard to stay positive but that also helps our immune system to fight, take care and keep the hope going.

fond love and hugs Jenny xxx


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