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Cancer drugs fund 'to be extended' until 2016

Great News!!

Cancer drugs fund 'to be extended' until 2016

On 28 September 2013, the prime minister has announced, a £200m-a-year fund for life-enhancing cancer drugs to continue until 2016.

The Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) was set up in 2011 to help patients in England access certain drugs before they get approval for widespread NHS use.

The scheme was due to end next year, but David Cameron has pledged £400m to keep it running.

This move is welcomed by both cancer patients and Charities

For further information or to Read more see the BBC News health webpage. Alternatively click on the links below:

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Perhaps this will motivate a resolution from Wales. The Minister for Health has called for a thorough review of the lack of a drugs fund in Wales. This has been repeated in Scotland.

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I do hope so Annie. X


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