Cancer Drugs Fund extended

Many recent posts have been a little disheartening with lots of friends lost to this disease. It was nice to read of Una's (Poleglass) award yesterday and I think more good news is welcome.

Here's a link to a MSN article following The Prime Minister's announcement that the cancer drugs fund is to be extended. I think that while a more permanent arrangement needs to be put in place for the future, this is good news. It means access to drugs like Avastin will still be available to those who meet the criteria.

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  • Good news like this is very welcome! Have a good weekend everyone. Ann xx

  • Thanks for that Andy and the link which is a good read. We do have a mention which is good.

    I am pleased you have started this post, It will be interesting to hear other views, and anyone's experience who has been able to have access to this fund.

    Regards Barbara,

  • Thank you for this link Andy love to you both x G x

  • You couldn't have posted this at a better time Andy, thanks xx

  • Thanks Andy, this is good news.

    Love Ally xx

  • That's a bit of a relief , will have a look at what the PM said.... Dy x

  • It's great news. Thanks for posting. x Annie

  • Fantastic news, was so pleased to hear, just hope they sort the avastin issues for ALL of the uk soon.

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