On patient centricity

Interesting article on patience centric drug development in cancer (general) here nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/N...

Key quote: "...a fundamental shift in cultural orientation among drug developers and regulatory reviewers is imperative. Specifically, the patient experience of treatment with a given drug must be regarded as essential information about the properties of the product, without which our understanding of its risk–benefit profile is incomplete."

So true

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  • Everyone's on the ball today. Christyn also posted on this. Have a look at her blog as she has another link to a commentary on the NHS in England. Interesting stuff! xxxx

  • Oops sorry. Yes, will do!


  • Now, are we great minds or are we fools??? Incidentally someone has hacked my Hotmail and apparently I am flogging Viagra and G-d knows what else all over the place. Was disconcerted to get an email from myself...

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