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Bursary for NCRI conference Liverpool 2013

Last year and mid-way through second line chemo I applied for a bursary to attend the NCRI conference. Possibly way to much for me but I met a lot of other people interested in research and last year there was a special session on research into OC. There may also be opportunities for influencing research into OC for anyone feeling up to it. Just follow link to how to register for a bursary, it is not to onerous and I am happy to help anyone with filling in the form as I was successfull last time. My experience of last year was very positive. Travel expenses are paid for and I was right on top of the conference centre so that when I had had enough I could go back and crash out in hotel room. If you need the help of someone else, they will also cover their expenses.

Just follow this link for more information

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Dear Wendy

Thanks so much for sharing this information. I hadn't heard of the conference but it's something I'd enjoy attending had I been involved in a clinical trial. I've had a look through the 4-day programme and it looks very interesting. Hopefully someone from our group will go along and feed back any exciting snippets.

love Annie xxx


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