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When I had my first three month check in February,Ca125 was 4, and NED-My next check was due next week, so I had Ca125 done last week. I was called to see oncologist today, Ca 125 up to 2000, I just cannot get my head round the jump in such a short time, I now have to have CT scan within 2 weeks to see what is going on. This has left me feeling confused and "all over the place"I do get a great comfort from reading all your posts although I don't contribute mucn


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I can understand you being worried, Mo, but they have acted quickly and the jump in CA125 is very sudden. Lets hope that they can find the cause quickly and find a good plan to suit you. I know it's useless saying ' don't worry' but try to plan in some distraction activities to help the weekend go more quickly. There may be some info on That will help you. There's a helpline on there, but do it tomorrow as the Bank Hol weekend is upon us.

Will be thinking about you

Love Wendy xx


I'm really sorry to hear about this worry Mo. It is an enormous jump isn't it. Let's hope there's a simple and innocuous reason for this - a gastric infection can cause CA125 to rise suddenly.

Did you take someone with you to see the oncologist this morning? I always find it's helpful as there's often so much to take in. What you could do tomorrow is contact the oncology nurse at your hospital and ask her if she can explain what the oncologist has said to you and if they have any idea as to why the CA125 has risen so suddenly.

Do you feel well? My oncologist often says if you feel well that's a very good sign.

Sending a virtual hug and lots of love to you. It's useless isn't it to say don't worry. Please let us know how you get on and keep posting if you're feeling wobby and want some support.

Love Annie


Oh God Mo, that must be so scary. Is there ever a time when we can relax? I suspect not. There's the possibility that some other extraordinary inflammatory thing or a combination of circumstances has gone on, perhaps - as it's awfully fast, that seems hard to rationalise with something that progresses so relatively slowly and sneakily Big emphasis on relative - I know some are faster than others - but it sounds like a surprise to the doc too, and they would have known if you has some super aggressive form surely?

Stay in touch, you need to keep yourself as calm and level as possible with this shock, and go right for those answers.

Big hug


Sue xxx


Mo, I'm sorry to hear this result, but as the other ladies above said, it may be caused by a benign inflamation.

Hope your ct scan shows nothing wrong with you.




Dear Mo

What a worry for you, remember everyone is always here for you if you need them. I hope you get a less worrying result from the ct scan, ct 125 can be so hit and miss.

Try to have a good weekend.

Love Linda xxx


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