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Drugs Targeting Leukemia, Ovarian Cancer, And Lung Cancer To Begin Phase III, AstraZeneca Reports


In 2013, AstraZeneca will be advancing three of its cancer drugs to Phase 3 clinical development, the global biopharmaceutical company reports. Leukemia, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer are the targets of the three compounds currently in development.

During 2013, the company is planning to progress olaparib, intended as a maintenance treatment for platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer patients with BRCA mutations, onto Phase 3. The drug exploits DNA repair pathway deficiencies to preferentially kill cancer cells, which gives it the potential for activity in a range of tumor types.

In addition to trials, the company will present new Phase 2 data for olaparib as well as data from a separate study on selumetinib at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Congress in Chicago within the next three weeks.


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Thanks for posting. Will be interesting to see what comes out of the ASCO congress. Some promising things, hopefully.

Monique x

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