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Ovarian mass laparascopic surgery

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Please read my profile as I feel all my issues are there.thank you

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Because you haven't been given a diagnosis I don't want to jump the gun here but maybe the Irish cancer society Daffodil centres might be able to advise/support you in some way. Best of luck

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Daffodils2021 in reply to Tvam

Thank you for your response.I have had a chat with Irish cancer society support on the support line.nurse basically said I just had to wait.

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Difficult as that is, it is indeed the truth . Hope everything turns out well for you

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You must be on pins and needles awaiting the results of your biopsy. I hope your mass is not malignant and that you receive positive news soon from your doctor. Best wishes from Louisiana,


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Omg I can’t believe what I’m reading.

Your poor woman dropped off from an operation and left fend for yourself in such a worrying and stressful time.

Definitely keep in contact with the daffodil centre as you need support. As hard as it is try to focus on recovery instead of what may be with the results - the waiting is definitely the worst.

Can you speak to your children and let them know exactly how you’re feeling and coping and that you need their help. It may be a case of them not realising how stressed you are about everything.

I hope all goes well for you.


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