Has anyone has experience of surgery? I would love to hear from you.

My Mum has to decide whether to have her remaining ovary removed after responding well to chemo for stage IV ov/c. She was considering surgery until they said it would probably involve removing part of the bowel too and having a stoma (temporary or permanent).

If anyone else has surgery info it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Em

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That was on the cards for me but luckily enough when they got in it didnt happen. I do know people who have had stoma and a bag for something other than OC and though it was scary they are doing ok. As with all surgery, it takes time to get back on your feet. I would speak to the consultant and a gynae liason nurse if there is one in your Mums hospital. Make a list of questions to ask them. Hope all goes well for you Mum


Hello. Sorry to read about your Mum - but ithe possiblity of a stoma is not that bad. I had my surgery over 3 yrs ago and it was discussed, but thankfully, the wonderful sugeon managed to work around my "insides" and he got everything else out.My chemo treatment followed then. A woman who is in the same leisure centre as me, has a bag and it does not affect her lifestlye of exercise. Talk to the consultant/surgeon and he/she will reassume you and more importantly your Mum. Keep us all posted outcome.


Thanks for thoughts and tips.

I think part of the reason the stoma is more likely with Mum is because she has already had most of her chemo and they say any join in her intestines won't heal whilst she is on the Avastin, Taxol etc.

I will keep you posted.

Best wishes, em


Hi em123,

I had my surgery two weeks ago, I am stage 1V , I had six chemo sessions prior to surgery, its a pretty major surgery and you need to build yourself up for it, and the stronger you feel mentally and physically the better the outcome for the surgery, I am doing really well two weeks on, they have sent the tissue samples away for testing and depending on those results they will decide if I need more chemo. The best of luck with, and don't worry just stay positive.


Hello Galwaygirl. A bit late in reading blogs, as had to get new PC and get used to it. Sorry to read about your diagnosis - but I am still here (alive & kicking) - over 3 years since surgery and chemo. On long term Avastin infusions for the past 15 months, and doing very well. So best wishes for a full recovery and hoping that no extra treatment when tissue samples results are back.


Hi Galwaygirl. Just looking back over some older postings, and just wondering how you are doing. Any news of the tissue samples? Keep us posted and sending you best wishes. Daisies


Hi GalwayGirl,

Thanks for your reply. Saw the surgeon today and a keyhole investigation is on for next Wed prior to surgery.

I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and good results from the tests.

Lots of Luck, Emma


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