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Determining the Evasive Ovarian Cancer: your symptoms

Greetings all,

I had a tubal ligation in 2006 and have had continual aching around the flank/love handle areas for over 4 years, bloating, GI concerns, nausea, fatigue etc. I have had vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds with no visual of the ovaries.... I live in Canada and went to the United States for an abdomen/pelvis MRI and my ovaries are still not visible. The MRI makes no mention of visualizing the clips used for the tubal ligation. I have had lower back/pelvis pain and my groin area aches... I am fit and flexible and simply instructed to "stretch" by some healthcare professionals...

I paid for the 23 and Me genetic testing and there is no response to the

bcra marker although my mother had breast Cancer... I am not prepared to buy "anxiety" as the cause at this moment. Any comments are appreciated.

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Hi Miss Vicki I suggest you seek a Gynae who will order c.t scan. This should give a clear picture as to whether further investigation is required. All the best


Thank you for your reply... I had a CT scan and all that was seen were the tubal ligation clips... not ovaries... Perhaps I am worrying for nothing... Once again, thank you

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Hopefully your Gynae will allay your fears


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