Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hope you all get the chance to switch off and enjoy some rest, relaxation and of course......CHOCOLATE!!!


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  • For me D it Chocolate heaven all the way f--k the calories ,we can keep the fruit for Tuesday onwards 🍇🍓🍏. Enjoy.🍫

  • What a brilliant photo, Happy Easter to you and all the ladies here on this site especially those who observe but dont interact. Please do join in and also watch the Ovacare Website for information about Patient Coffee Mornings and Information days. If you pop along, you wont feel as lonely going home because we are all on the same track. So please do avail of this Website and Ovacare in Ireland, we need you

  • Easter greetings to you too D. You make a lovely Easter egg or is it Easter chicken ! Chocolate is a brilliant pick me up I agree but you know the saying . A minute on the lips means a lifetime on the hips !


  • Heard that one many years ago when I was young and innocent. Oh Molly O what am I to do with myself. I have indulged over the weekend and of course my gp is worried about my liver, he thinks I have a fatty liver so maybe tomorrow isnt the best day to get an ultra sound after my indulgence. I did google and know what to do, walk and lose ten per cent body fat. So expecting a lecture tomorrow. By the way I dont drink just an odd glass of wine at a wedding or if out. So my liver hasnt been grateful for my abstinences. I hope the new baby in the family is doing well, and if you are in Cork visiting your brother pm me and perhaps we can meet up near the hospital, all the best