Anyone been pregnant after having ovaries removed?


I have a BRCA1 mutation, and (given I'm now in my 40s) I feel I ought to have my ovaries removed as a preventative measure (have already had breast cancer, several years ago). However, I would really like to get pregnant & have a child. I realise, given my age, this is most likely to be via donor eggs and after I've been through surgery. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who's got pregnant after having ovaries out (& done so either with own or donor eggs). I'm feeling quite anxious at the prospect of the surgery & if anyone has a happy ending having been through a similar journey I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!


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  • HI Amanha, welcome to the site. Your question is complex, perhaps it would be best you get advice from your gynae oncologist regarding your Ovaries. There is reason for removal but I would not be sure of certainty of pregnancy after surgery. Then again waiting and having a baby now is another risk. You really need to speak to the experts regarding this, best wishes

  • Thanks for replying Suzuki! I am speaking to experts re this - it's certainly possible to do egg donation pregnancy after ovaries removal. Though I'm just really anxious about the op & going into menopause immediately & therefore having to take hormones etc. And wondered if anyone had been through the ovaries out/pregnancy scenario & how they'd found the whole thing. Thank you!

  • I hope someone will come back to you and help you. I am of the older age group so not sure.

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