ABBA/70s night

Well ladies ,the venue where I'm having the night has pulled out all the stops for the night.Had a meeting with her last night.I hadn't realised a relative of hers had passed away from O.C about 9 yrs ago.

We're having an ABBA tribute band live on stage and DJ and finger food.All supplied free of charge!! She's footing the bill for everything so that all monies raised on the night will go to Ovacare.I will also be handing out the Teal ribbons and information leaflets.Even some of the business hope to get envolved.Corina ,the owner and some of my family and friends are taking care of everything so all I have to do is turn up on the night.Local Radio stations will advertise also as will local newspaper.A young man who works with my sister saw the event on Facebook so he gave her an envelope for me saying he'd love to be there but he'd be on holidays.His friend died recently from cancer and he said "cancer is cancer".it was a donation for Ovacare of €100.i was dumbstruck, so hopefully we will be able to make some more on the night.

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  • That is so wonderful. What amazing people who are being so generous, have a brilliant night.

    Clare x

  • Thanks Clare,I'm sure it will be a fab night,I can't wait.xx

  • Hi annieH1, It looks as if it's going to be a wonderful night. It just goes to show how kind and thoughtful people can be. The lady who owns the venue where you are having you ABBA night sounds like a wonderful kind woman with a heart of gold. I wish you all the success for a great night and I hope you have a full house.Kittie.

  • Hello Annie H , good luck with your Abba night , well done to you for the work you put into organising it . Yes people are very generous when it comes to donating to cancer cause .Hope you have a great turn out , might even get there myself ?? I'm in the dancing singing mood just now ,as I got to see Tom Jones last night in the Marquee, Cork . It took a lot of resting to get me there but it was worth it . It was a sudden bucket list moment when I booked the tickets , I'm glad I pushed myself to go . Im starting back on Chemo tomorrow ,and have mixed emotions about same , I'm hoping it will eventually make me feel better as the last few weeks have been difficult . Anne ,hope you will have enough energy to sing and dance your way though your Abba night . Enjoy . X Lupins

  • Hi Lupins I was thinking of you and Tom Jones. I am glad you got there and enjoyed the show. I am also sorry you are going back on treatment but hopefully you will get a break after this regime. I hope treatment goes okay for you and keep in touch with us. There is a BBQ in Clarion Hotel Cork on Aug 13th at We have to go to the Ovacare website to register. Hopefully you will be able to attend

  • Thanks Lupins,I'm so glad you went to see Tom,I think it's creating a bucket list gives me the incentive to get off my butt and do something,it's all too easy for me to stay in Pjs all day ha ha.Im sorry your starting back on the chemo again and of course your going to have mixed emotions it's not something to look forward to but if it keeps the buggers at bay or kills them, then,it's worth it.It wil give you the ability to enjoy yourself on your good days.Would love to see you on the night.It should be a laugh.wishing you the best of luck on chemo.xxxx

  • Hi Annie I hope everything went well last night ,and that you made plenty of Money Money Money and you were also a Dancing Queen . Kittie

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