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Coffee morning

Hi Ovacare, I just want to thank you most sincerely for hosting another coffee morning this morning. We enjoyed the lovely hot scones and pastries. A little of what we fancy does us good. Thank you June for organising this morning. We did remember those who were unable to come and want to wish you all well and hope you will be able to attend the next event. It is indeed nice to meet, chat and have a few laughs because we need to laugh too. So anyone reading this post who needs a little push to come please do come and join us. It is a way to meet ladies going through the same as ourselves informally, we dont get this opportunity in a hospital setting. Best wishes to you all and hoping to see everyone soon again Joan

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Hi Joan. Sounds like a great morning again. I would like to second your sentiment that these coffee mornings can be so supportive and uplifting, I've never left one without feeling so much better in myself. It is hard to get a chance to talk to others in the hospital setting and especially if you're off treatment. So look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

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