Genetic Disposition Testing for Ovarian Cancer

Hi to everyone!

I wonder if anyone can please help me, I have two daughters (aged 20 and 34) and I am concerned about them developing Ovarian Cancer. My Mum died of it and so too did her cousin and my great grandmother on my dad's side.

I had my own ovaries removed (as well as womb) electively three months after her death because of endometriosis.

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Have you had the test done yourself? Ask your gp about referring you but i think in the public system they will only test the person with cancer initially. You could always go private to dr david gallagher in the mater private and he could advise you.


A couple more blood tests to consider. My gyno was reluctant to run the CA 125 test as routine proactive checks, as for false positives. I developed a huge tumor on my ovary, and the CA 125 was ordered. Referred to an Oncologist for surgery, he ran two other blood tests, CA 19-9 and CEA. He said these are more dependable markers of OC, certainly worth running for women with OC in family history. Frankly for all women in my opinion. They are just simple blood tests. Luckily my tumor was benign and after TAH recovering well.


There is a family history clinic in cork and I'm sure in Dublin hospitals also. I'm pretty sure with such a strong family history and with you having had your ovaries to remove and your own mother not being available that they would test you. The test cost 1400 euros plus privately so not sure if this would be in your budget? It's crazy that insurance companies don't cover these tests in Ireland. They are covered in the USA by insurance companies but not here!!!! -you should fight to get tested ASAP as this info is so essential to protect not just your daughters but also other women out there. The blood tests suggested while good are very much a late step as this roils mean they would already have cancer...... They are currently running a screening programme in the uk as a study doing ultrasounds and bloods every 4 months and my gynae told me that even that isn't looking to be making a different in how early it's being picked up. Genetics and if positive having ovaries removed is really the only real reassuring action a woman can take. Good luck!!! If your GP fobs you off go see another!! Good luck! The waiting list is about 12 months I believe to see the genetics public clinic.


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