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Caring for my husband who has inoperable Stomach Cancer+Stent

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Hi - This is my first post as a carer regarding my husband's cancer. He was diagnosed last autumn and started ECX chemotherapy early January.

He was so very ill with severe side effects that chemo was stopped early. He lost most of his hair and has been hospitalised twice. He has been unable to get out of bed much since having the chemotherapy due to his fatigue and loss of energy.

Following a bad spate of vomiting and nausea and because he was not keeping anything down he was asked to attend the hospital for a barium swallow which was followed by another endoscopy procedure.

Fortunately for him, our wonderful specialist nurse arranged for him to see his specialist the same week who was able to agree that a stent may be the answer. It was definitely the right way to go. He was sick after the op and also when he got home but since then he has been fine. He has some stomach pain which is eased by soluble paracetamol and drinking Fortisip nutrient drinks and Calogen extra - three of each during the day,

He is still very fatigued and has been given Ferrous Fumerate tablets to take 1 - 3 times a day. He has been slowly adding some solid food (not much but it is a start) and today he got up and we walked around the house. Fingers crossed this will continue daily.

I am so proud of him, he is really trying hard. He has lost loads of weight, nearly five stone and hates most of all the loss of muscle tone but he wants to be here with me as long as he can. If I can get him moving about I believe there is no reason he will not be.

My thoughts and best wishes to all of you.

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Hi Nerine

What a lovely inspiring post, I wish you and your husband all the very best and may his recovery continue.

Take care and best wishes to you both

Edwina x

Hi Nerine

You have been through a tough time. I'm glad to hear things are on the up.

I would like to wish you all the best and that things get easier for you both.

Kind Regards


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Nerine in reply to SteveJ

'Thanks Steve, I read your blogs, so pleased you are on the mend. I hope my positivity will help my husband. I know he hasn't had an op like you but am hopeful he will survive for much longer with the stent helping him to eat. He has had two walks today one this morning and one this afternoon, "little steps eh?. See he is trying. Best wishes to you, Nerine

Thank you Edwina, I believe in positive thought and my husband is the opposite. It is hard work keeping his mood up. I take the laptop in and sit on the bed looking up things I know he is interested in and I make comments like "when you are feeling stronger perhaps we could go there when the weather is warmer. I have put a gallery of pictures on our large mirror completely covering it with pictures of our children, grandchildren and relations and friends. Everyone thinks it is such a good idea. He has started to talk about things we did over the years so I am sure the pictures may gave jogged a memory. I will post every now and then hopefully all good news. Nerine x

Hello Nerine, Well done you, stay strong and positive. I am also caring for my husband inoperable and had stent. After the initial shock of no op option, we now view this as positive because we don't have to face the huge operation or spend time recovering we can live life, enjoying doing what we can for as long as possible.

We are looking forward now to the warmer weather so we can sit in the garden sun on our faces, bird song and flowers,mmmm marvelous eh..

Our Best Wishes To You Both xx

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yorkshirerose in reply to Mushty

Hi Mushty

I whole heartedly agree about staying positive, and also that longed for feeling of sun on our faces, I am always cold, so I look forward to a long warm summer.

But when you mentioned the bird song........... yesterday I was hanging washing out and had to stop to listen to it, they were in full song and it was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. I think after we have gone though life changing situations like this (be it as a patient or carer) we appreciate so much more the beautiful things in life. Even right now as my two youngest grandsons are argueing and not even 8.00. I realise how lucky I am to be here to hear it :-)

Best wishes to everyone going through this, we know from this site - we are not alone

Edwina x

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Nerine in reply to Mushty

Hello Mushty, So sorry for not replying to your comments. I am still navigating around this site.

If I had known how my husband was going to react to the chemo I would have asked him not to go ahead with it. Your remarks echoed my thoughts about looking forward to the warm weather and for the same reasons. He is up and down - each day is a roller-coaster. He was good yesterday but today is struggling with taking food, liquid or solids. No appetite and sleeping lots.

Best wishes to you too. x

Hi Nerine,

Well done you with your positive attitude. Glad to hear hubby is eating, albeit in small amounts.Hopefully this will improve and he will get some of his strength back. We'll all

be thinking of you.

Best wishes to you both. XX

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Nerine in reply to racy

Hi Racy - I don't think I replied to your comments. Sorry, I can't tell who I have replied to, what is the secret! Thank you for your good wishes.

I hope he keeps trying. he trouble with this type of cancer, one day he is up and the next day really low. Today he is not eating again, doesn't feel like eating or taking his liquid nutrient. He has slept most of the day so far but has not had much pain and as I may have said before, this is normally helped with liquid paracetamol. I never pressurise him to eat I just keep my fingers crossed that he will tomorrow.

Best wishes x

Keep us posted Nerine...good luck for the future, you are both very brave. Thinking of you both. Bernadette.

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Nerine in reply to Bernadette

Thank you Bernadette for your kind comments and to everyone who has replied to my blog, I think it is so supportive just to read a few lines knowing that there are people in similar positions who understand what I am going through. I am not brave, far from it, inside my heart is cracking. I am just hopeful that I can keep my love with me as long as possible. Best wishes, x

Last year a friend of ours had inoperable stomach cancer, he was in our local hospital for five weeks, I went to see him every day and tried to encourage him to eat, but one day the dr told me not to do this, I never asked why, I wish I had now, I got fed up with those drinks when I was a patient they made me feel sick. Have they told you the prognosis Nerine. You will need a lot of strength to keep going and stay positive for your husband, but somehow you will manage it.

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Nerine in reply to Bernadette

Hi Bernadette thanks for your message. The prognosis from the beginning is basically there is nothing they can do apart from chemo, no operation, nothing! The first chemo wrecked his body and he has not been strong enough from then on to have any more. He is fed up with the drinks and has tried solid food but as I said, he doesn't have the appetite or inclination and is forcing himself really. xx

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