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Histology report after endoscopy

I recently had an endoscopy because of recurring acid reflux & the Clinicians found mild gastritis, grade A oesophagitis, a 3cm hiatus hernia and several sessile polyps located in the fundus area of the stomach. Biopsies were taken to check for H pylori & on the polyps.

The H pylori came back negative and to quote the histology report "occasional slightly dilated glands, but the appearances are not conclusive of polyp". My doctors response to this is nothing to worry about and another endoscopy in 3-5 years time.

My concern is if not polyps, then what could be going on in this area of my stomach? Which is in the top left of the stomach close to the opening of the oesophagus. And should I be requesting another endoscopy/biopsy?

My mum died of cancer of the oesophagus in her mid 50's - she had a tumour at the base of the gullet & she was only diagnosed 4 weeks before she died. This was over 30 years ago. I am trying hard to be informed & aware of anything to do with changes in the oesophagus/stomach because of my direct family connection, but I am not getting any helpful information from my doctor, other than just keep taking the omeprozole - I have been taking 20mg tablet once a day for only a month.

Thank you for reading this post and any thoughts on the way forward would be appreciated.

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Hi you have every right to worry. Can you get a second opinion, or ask to be referred to the hospital?

Good Luck


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Thanks for your reply Debbie. I have now gone back to the endoscopy department and I am waiting for a Clinician to call me back to discuss the findings. I think I will have to chase them up today as I left the message on Tuesday.

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