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Constant Severe Burping

I started burping 6 years ago. I was diagnosed with GERD, Acid Reflux, Gastreoporeses, and chronic Pancreatitis. My GI prescribed Reglan. It stopped the burping but I started shaking badly. He took me off and prescribed Baclofen. That worked great without side effects. Then suddenly in April this year I started burping again constantly and severely. The Baclofen no longer works. I do have anxiety & depression and take meds for that. I have had every test possible, chest xray,Upper GI series, esophagael manametry, 24 ph monitoring. All show negative. No hiatal hernia etc. I tried Motilium from Canada and that doesn't work either. I went to UCLA GI specialist for second opinion. He said I have Supra Gastric Belching and said only treatment is speech therapy. I find it hard to believe in April I suddenly learned the behavior to constantly burp. None of the Speech therapists in all of Los Angeles County where I live even heard of supra gastric belching. Only 2 speech therapists at UCLA heard of it. I went to one of them 3 times. She only knows of one breathing exercise for it which does nothing. I am ready to kill myself. I can't go anywhere or do anything with this burping. Which on September hiccups got added. I am in constant pain and discomfort. I keep losing my voice. Does anyone know how to cure and stop my burping and hiccups? please help me.

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Having gone to the UCLA specialist for the second opinion, you might try and email for further advice. There is a reported case that may, or may not, be similar to your own, and you must read this with caution:


I wonder whether the best thing is to try and concentrate on the gastroparesis, oesophagitis and pancreatitis as a priority. I think I would also try some kind of generalised relaxation / deep breathing exercises on the basis that they won't do any harm but might do some good. Try keeping a food diary in case some foods trigger it off more than others.

I would also try Gaviscon, also on the basis that it won't do any harm but might do some good against the reflux. I suspect that if your digestive system is working well and that you do not suffer from constipation and food blocking back then the chances of hiccups might be reduced a bit. If the semi-digested food is hanging around in your stomach longer than it should, it would not be surprising that you were getting some kind of reaction from your body.

Losing your voice might be a sign of reflux, but also a strain on your voice if your breathing is too shallow. Make sure that your tummy goes out when you breathe in, and vice versa. Even try singing, and/or acupuncture?

It is a very difficult problem, but you have seen the specialists - they cannot always solve things for us, and the hiccups might be a secondary effect from the underlying cause.

This is entirely amateur, non medically-qualified speculation!


Thanks. That articles matches me to a tee. I tried biofeedback. That didn't work. The PPIS don't work. When I breathe in my tummy goes out. So I'm doing the opposite. Someone told me to breathe from my diaphragm. I also want to try behavioral cognitive therapy. There is no pattern when the burping stops for a day here & therr.


Is it possible that you are swallowing air? I remember a report on a lady who was in great distress with constant burping. She had to relearn how to swallow, because she was swallowing air without realising. By the way if your tummy goes out when you breathe in then you are using your diaphragm to breathe.


Thanks. The doctor says I'm not swallowing air. I have Supra Gastric burping. Don't know how different they are. Since my tummy does the opposite I'm not breathing through my diaphragm. I think I need to learn how to.


There seems to be quite a lot of information online on how to breathe using your diaphragm. If you prefer one-to-one instruction, you could try some lessons with a singing teacher. Best wishes.


I think the constant hiccups could interfere with your proper breathing pattern. I had to change my breathing after surgery so that I did not breathe in a shallow way. I think that taking deep breaths as you expand your stomach probably could help retrain your system.

Good luck with it!


Try chewing gum for the reflux, particularly right after eating, It keeps reflux totally at bay for me, though I still take daily opremazole and occasional ranitidine.


HELLO I had the same issue for 3 years suffering through life just severely depressed I wouldn't get better ... I have recently figured out what was wrong. I tried everything diets changing health ways nothing worked. as crazy as this sounds it's behavioral disease you tricked your mind to believing that's how it's supposed to be done you basically have to teach your self how to breath again and practinf swallowing without gulping air there is a Tatic for swallowing anything water and food. its really hard to explain it's not actual medical problems at all it actually is all in the head


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