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sick of coughing

hi new to hear have gerd which has been controlled with esomperole and gaviscon advance, but woke up in the night with a coughing fit which i thought I was going to die, as I couldn'nt get my breath. Since then i have coughed none stop which is making me incontinent i cant sleep, before getting diagnosed I had a chronic sore throat for a year ive also got vitamin d, iron and b12 deficiency, I have some steroids predisione in from an asthma attack i had earlier in the year , should I take them my doctor said just double up on my meds but its not working and I need sleep.

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mariamelville123 welcome I'm sorry don't know half of what you have ,but I thought steroids interfere with your sleeping it affects mine I take honey for coughing sometimes it works best wishes x


I suggest that you go back to your doctor, particularly if you have a combination of asthma and gerd problems.


Sometimes the reflux can cause coughing, especially at night when you are horizontal. I would try sleeping with your head raised, and/or blocks under the head of your bed. You really should consult your doctor about the medication. If you have suffered from GORD for a long time, you should also consult the doctor about being referred for an endoscopy so that they can check on any underlying problems; and about supplements for any deficiency in mineral / vitamin levels. You can increase Gaviscon quite safely, and you might wish to take something to soothe your throat.

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thanks im going to stop nexium i didnt have these problems before im going to try apple cider vinegar and slippery elm for my throat see how i go on.


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