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I'm at the end of my rope with the Barretts

lung/ breathing problems since December the doctors have thrown everything they have it

x ray negative

2 x sputum negative

antibiotics haven't worked steroids have not helped either, I have been given duoresp inhaler no joy,

The GP has asked me to do another X ray which I have and second blood test to rule out DVT Taking a deep breath hurts like hell and my lung makes a popping and crackling noise.

Unfortunately I have been smoking on and off since 11, I have up 2 years ago, A couple of doctors at the practice have said COPD maybe, I'm now been referred to a specialist.

there has been musty smell in my bedroom. the landlord has investigated and said its condensation and that they will be putting a fan in the bathroom. I did inform the GP about the damp but he doesn't think its the cause.

I have Barretts were the acid in my stomach burns my throat I asked the GP if the tablets could be causing me to cough they changed my medication and I'm no better. I just don't know where to go or what to do. I have not been able to take a proper deep breath in for weeks. The strength of the cough is causing incontinence too.

Recently I saw a different Doctor who changed  my meds too:

80mg Omeprazole and twice daily ranitidine. I'm only on day 4 of the new medication regime and can honesty say my condition has worsened. My IBS is back with vengeance and I feel very sick, also it feels like there is something caught in my chest. My cough has returned. I saw the lung specialist who said that the cough was more than likely due to the aspirating the acid.he also said the he would have increased my medication also for 3 months to see if they work. As i mentioned  before this first week has been horrendous. I cant seem to manage the "clicking noise" in my throat . what now? can anyone advise on were to go from here? I'm so fed up. 

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Manuka Honey can help your throat. refluxcookbookblog.com/2011...

When I have had acid reflux, I make either fresh ginger tea and add some manuka honey.  It is very soothing.   Also, if you experience a reflux episode, take a teaspoon of manuka honey.


Hi nodermus

I'm really sorry to hear you have all this going on. I too have Barrett's and I experience all of the symptoms that you describe. I have IBS too, it seems to go hand in hand with Barrett's.  It really is an awful experience. I've had to breathe into brown paper bags to stop myself hyperventilating from the pain and anxiety of it all. I get these symptoms when I'm in a flare up. My flare ups do pass eventually...... I hope yours does soon. Well done on stopping smoking, that's something I can't seem to do. I've tried and tried over the years. I gave up alcohol but smoking is a different matter. 

I don't want this to sound cliche, but please, please try some relaxation. There are some great guided meditations on YouTube. I use Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. The anxiety makes this so so much worse for me. Anything you can do to calm your mind and soul will help. 

I really wish you well and I want you to know you're not alone. 


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I am not sure that I have understood - have you actually been diagnosed with Barrett's Oesophagus?   It sounds like you have a persistent reflux problem, which may, or may not be the cause of some or all of your lung problems, and the lung specialist was the best one to pronounce on this aspect.

The first course of treatment against reflux is invariably PPI medication like Omeprazole but there are a proportion of patients for whom the medication does not work, or does not work well enough to stop their symptoms,  and/or suffering side effects from the medication.   You may be a patient for whom other anti-reflux treatments could be considered in due course, once there has been sufficient time to judge the effects of the recent change of medication.   This would need to be considered by a surgeon who specialises in anti reflux therapies.  

The only suggestion I have about the clicking noise is that sometimes at night I used to hear a clicking noise (a bit like a washbasin waste pipe) caused by saliva / air when I had a 'pouch' in my oesophagus.   Also, if I swallowed air, there would be a click a little while later.   Sounded odd, but nothing to worry about as such.   If you can get a doctor to hear it, they might help.

If you have been diagnosed with Barrett's, you ought to be on a surveillance programme (usually every 2 - 5 years) to check on its condition, just in case you might have developed dysplasia.   This is done with endoscopy and biopsy samples.   The priorities are probably to address the reflux issue, get your lungs to be as healthy as they can be, and to make sure that your digestion system attains as healthy a balance with healthy bacteria and so on.   You may well be seeing a number of different specialists to achieve all this.   I hope things improve for you.


Hi i would ask to have an appointment with the gastric team and possible endoscopy to check your Barretts hasn't progressed into something more serious. I too get a clicking sound, have IBS and have had surgery for Oesphageal cancer. Acid reflux can cause asthma and when i get a bad night it does turn into this. Also have you tried antihistamine incase it is allergy based. I hope you get things sorted.


What other medication are you on?  My wife had an incessant cough and it was the tablet she was taking for her blood pressure that was the culprit. Came off that and cough cleared up!

That incessant cough, really non stop was such a miserable time!

Good luck

Steve x


Today was awful I got an early appointment with the Doctor i been taken off the ppi also I've been given steroid walking is difficult breathing is labored. Any increase in stress causes breathing difficulties.  


I don't like the sound of that musty smell in the bedroom. Breathing in mould isn't going to help even if it isn't the cause of the problems. Can you sleep in another room?


You mention "Barretts" but have you had endoscopy and been given a formal diagnosis?


I would ask you to check and make sure it is acid reflux and not bile reflux. I was treated for acid but it turned out to be bile. PPI have no effect on bile, but the burning is the same. You can check this out with Litmus PH test strips. When you get the reflux, lick a test strip. I had an improvement when I stopped PPI. 2 weeks ago, I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking apple juice. The improvement was immediate. I have not choked on the bile since. It is worth testing.


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