Has anyone gotten Bronchitis?

I recently flew to Paris from California and got sick or started to get sick on my way there and the recirculated air in the plane I am quite certain did not help. Had a doctor come to the hotel an he prescribed antibiotics and a steroid that really helped my voice. Was down for two days then up and running and got to be in Normandy on Veterans day which was so incredible and moving. My grandparents from Canada and Kendall and Cali. grandfather buried in Luxembourg. At any rate went to my oncologist this week and he prescribed antibiotics again as I am still not better but now laying really low and am just staying in and keeping warm and resting. Has anyone else experienced this after the surgery? My surgery was in March and finished chemo in August and have 3 more Herceptin appts. and will have another pet scan in Dec last pet scan in May was clear. I was stage T2N1. Have weird pains but obviously have been doing well and grateful I got to travel! Am a bit nervous about having pet scan but as I have read most of us are. It is that psychological fear that also we cannot help when our physical well being has changed so much.

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  • If you only finished Chemo in August, I am surprised that your oncologist allowed you to fly to Paris so soon afterwards, as your immune system will be shot to pieces. I avoided travelling on the London Underground or going to theatres for almost a year after I finished chemo, in order to stay clear of infection. I suggest that you rest and recuperate and allow your immune system to recover.

  • Spikey, Thank you for your reply. I know that I have not been behaving a what one would state as the normal cancer patient. My radiologist oncologist calls me the high performance woman which is good and bad and he too stated when my husband called him from Paris that my immune system is not what it was and I been doing to much previous to us traveling. This is something that I have to keep learning over and over again and as you stated I am resting and recuperating now and just trying to enjoy the down time instead of beating myself up as to not being as active. I am very hard headed which is not going to help me in the long run and probably got me to where I am at now. I pretty much ignored my acid reflux for years only to get to a point where I felt really awful and went to the emergency room feeling awful and then diagnosed. What were your symptoms when you were diagnosed? This site has been wonderful to be able to communicate with those of us that are going through the same recovery!

  • Dear Listen, I did not have acid reflux, but difficulty swallowing, and was eventually diagnosed as stage T3N1M0. That was over seven years ago. Since then I have travelled widely, including to California, Hong Kong (three times) and the Caribbean (twice). However, I still find that it takes me a long time to recover from infections, so am careful to try to avoid them and have my flu jab every year.

  • Dear Spikey, Thanks for sharing and letting me know that it has been 7 years for you and you are doing well and still traveling! Also knowing that it too takes you a while to recover from infections gives me good insight for the future and to remind myself to be patient. I do had a flu shot before I left California and had a Pneumonia shot in March when I had my surgery. I know the flights did not help my sinus and then turned into Bronchitis just have to be more careful and again patient. Thank You!

  • Your chest and Lungs will be vulnerable to infection, but give yourself time and it should be OK

  • Thank you Alan. You are a wealth of knowledge and grateful that you volunteer. You too are a very positive person and are very helpful.

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