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Is this an OCD symptom?

I often experience the uncomfortable feeling especially in a meeting room or caf...

Repeating voice inside head?

Whenever I feel Sick or just a bit off I have a voice that speaks inside of my h...

Am I Selfish For Wanting To Commit Suicide?

I deal with at times crippling OCD, bipolar 1 ,social anxiety ,and Generalized A...
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OCD diagnosis

When/how do you actually get a diagnosis? I’m in the UK and would be great for s...

Wanting to check in I had a major exposure My OCD is switching.

Hi. Having a flare up today. By the way I want to thank UK OCD massive for being...

Anxiety, Memory and partial Blackout

Hi All, I suffer from terrible anxiety and intrusive thoughts typically around c...

Need help

Hi there my son who is 25 suffers from severe ocd he thinks he is a pedophile an...


Anxiety the worst thing about ocd than anything else

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