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Secondly hi

I would like mostly to feel not the only one that experiences all these impulses...

Ok so here's to acknowledging it

So for years I've I wouldn't say suffered because I don't see it as suffering mo...


Do you find talking fluoxetine makes your OCD better or worse?
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Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I'm 40, mother of a two children that I couldn't be more proud of. My son, 15 ye...

Hello :)

Hi, I'm new here :) I've recently been diagnosed with OCD and have to say am som...

Severe OCD

I'm Alix and i have duchenne muscular dystrophy, i am experiencing severe OCD ov...

I'm new on here. Could anyone relate to my symptoms please

Hi everyone my name is gemma and Im 28 years old. Dont know if I have ocd or not...

am I struggling with OCD?

Hello everyone! I'm chloe, im 19 years old and wondering if I'm suffering with O...

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