So... What is your fear?

I am newly identified OCD patient and I have fear of betrayal from my bf. He is the most wonderful guy I ever know and my OCD is hurting him emotionally a lot. OCD is intrupting in my studies too. I wish I would have been obssessed with my studies that much rather than these unneccessary thought. But I am all set to fight back if not for me but for my beloved bf.

So... What is your fear?

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  • Loosing my mobility and being reliant on others. They have changed over the decades. I also dreading walking across shiny surfaces, Silly and I have tried to conquer it.

  • Hi, my OCD manifests itself in various ways, but there are two ways that are the most intrusive: Cleanliness - I have a terror of 'public' things, anything touched by strangers, and Hyperresponsibility, where I'm terrified that I've done something that could in anyway impact on someone else's wellbeing. I've been struggling with these for many years, but I'm really trying to turn my life around, and I have hope for the future.

  • I have terrible thoughts about hurting my family or them being killed so i do certain things like I have a routine I must do every day I have to watch certain tv shows every night and in the right order I have to use the same deodorants shampoo and conditioners i can never change anything everything has to have its place also I only like even numbers and I have to pray every night so I know that the next day my kids will be safe I would love to be spontaneous but that thought just terrifies me at the moment

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