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Hi , im new to this , ive suffered from ocd from my teens it has got worse recent years ive had help in past years which didnt seem to deal with it . Ive managed to deal with it as much as i can with out pills . My ocd is to do with germs . I was bullied at school and i suffer from nerves abit and my confidence and self esteem isnt good either. Where has this problem appeared is it to do with when i bullied or is it the todays life ? Ann

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Hi Ann,

It's difficult to know where OCD comes from - certainly there is evidence that it can be brought on by stressful events, such as bullying, but also it sometimes seems to affect people for no particular reason.

What kind of help have you had for your OCD - have you received any CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy)?

My own self-esteem and confidence are low, like yours, not helped by the barrage of thoughts that OCD brings with it. I am trying to pluck up the courage to start socialising again but it's so difficult isn't it when you feel so low about yourself?


Hi Mrs star. sorry for a late reply , yes did try but the therapist wasnt helpful . My ocd and anxiety has got worse this week because we moving . My ocd is to do with germs it has progressed i dont like people putting dirty shoes near me or my things. I watch where i put my feet because i dont want to put my feet on use comdoms , use needles and blood. Ann


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