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What i've found helpful for ocd symtoms


I'd like to share what i've found helpful in controlling symptoms of ocd.

Jeffrey schwartz has a new book out 'You are not your Brain'- which elaborates his ideas about the 4 step programme relabel reframe refocus and revalue, and ive tired to apply the techniques myself. with positive outcomes. It has increased my tolerance of thoughts and impulses and distanace myself. It also uses mindfulness ideas which can help focus on positive change and not getting stuck in unhelpful routines.

Suggest this book could be helpful in a book group or worked through on your own.

The author is well respected and compassionate.

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Hi thistle,

Thanks for your post. I have read "Brain Lock" by Jeffrey Schwartz but wasn't aware that he has a new book out. I'm glad that you have found his new book useful - I find my OCD so difficult to fight against but I will certainly look into getting this new book - my mental health bookshelf is getting quite full but I am always on the look out for new ideas and any help that can be offered against OCD.


Hi Thistle,

Thank you for recommending the book: You Are Not Your Brain ... I will defo look this one up.

OCD is horrible and is not a friend so, at times when I feel strong I'm able tell it where to go and more often than not, it works which is encouraging :)

I'm a fan of positive affirmations and one of my favourites is: "Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better."


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