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What are your experiences of OCD treatment in Wales?

Our 2012 annual conference takes place in Cardiff this year, and in advance of that we are keen to learn and understand people's experiences of accessing treatment in Wales.

This question is aimed at residents in Wales that have tried to access treatment or CBT for their OCD.

So, do you, or did you, live in Wales and seek treatment for your OCD? Was the experience a positive one or a negative one. Let us know here, or email me ashley @ ocduk .org All comments emailed/PMd to me will be kept confidential unless you give me permission to share.

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The treatment I received in Gwynedd was very successful.

I had to wait a while and I had to chase up my referral for CBT with the help of my GP. There were often gaps between sessions as well. The first therapist I saw had an approach which was not well suited to my needs. However the second one I saw was very suitable and I was able to complete my course of treatment with them. I have also been offered by my GP to follow up treatment should I feel the need to do so.


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