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Great OCD Book - Break Free from OCD


Over the last couple of years I have been getting really fed up with a number of so called 'self-help' books for OCD being written, and I am convinced that many of these books are simply being written for the sake of cashing in on the OCD community.

So I was really pleased that September brought a brand new title to the shelves that is both educational and positive in its outlook, 'Break Free from OCD' by Challacombe, Oldfield and Salkovskis. It is written in such a gentle and friendly manner that I can almost hear the three authors speaking those words, as I know all three and all are passionate about helping people with OCD. Unlike most other OCD books this one focuses on the Cognitive part of CBT in addition to, and not just the Behavioural exercise part of CBT.

Something I think many people with OCD make the mistake of thinking is that they have to treat the symptom, i.e.the checking, contamination, pure O intrusive thoughts, etc, etc, but those are merely the 'flavours', the problem and the area they need to focus on is treating the problem, the Obsessive Compulsive thinking and behaviour.

So I guarantee that regardless of the form of OCD that a person will have, if you read Break free from OCD you will have all the keys to helping you understand and move forward with your treatment.

The book uses four case studies throughout and what is obvious is that all four cases are treated more or less exactly the same process.

Read my full review here:

Another good back that I would recommend is Dr Jan van Niekerk's 'Coping with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Step-by-Step Guide':

So whilst I am disappointed that many OCD books are simply cashing in, and are very negative in their outlook, there are some very good books out there that really will help, those two I mention above are prime examples.

Personally I have taken a little bit from several books and used their combined learnings to help me.

I think the other thing we have to remember with OCD self-help books is that they are only as good as the way the reader interprets the information. So even if a book does not help at first, read it again 2 or 3 months later, it is amazing how much different a book can feel later on!

Just my thoughts :)


OCD sufferer!

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thank you! i've ordered it!

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