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Anyone suffer with false memory OCD?

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If so how do the false memories begin? Mine come from an intrusive thought and then I think what if this is a memory then I replay it that many times that it feels like a memory. Anyone else ? What are your themes?

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I tend to have an intrusive thought, attach it to a memory and then think is that how it really happened. Maybe I thought or did this instead in that moment and then I get stuck on it.

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I can definitely relate to this. Thanks so much for sharing❤️❤️

Ohhhhh yes. Most def. ROCD/HOCD/Existential OCD are my main themes. I have the false memory intrusive thoughts often. With practice and time, I’ve begun to be able to mentally say “this is an OCD thought” and continue to participate in whatever it was I was doing. Try that. It takes practice, but has worked for me. Another thing to try is say to yourself “maybe this did happen. Maybe it didn’t. I don’t know, but I’m not going to figure it out right now.” That tends to neutralize it. Sending you love!

Hey thanks so much for your response! I suffer with ROCD too. Thanks so much for the tips I’ll give these a go!

Just out of interest, do you ever get moments of clarity where you think ‘why did I even consider that to be something I’ve done?’ and you kind of, can’t believe that you thought it could be true? And can suddenly see how irrational it is? Then at times you go back to worrying that it’s a possibility. My thoughts change drastically from genuinely believing it, to thinking that it’s the most far fetched thing I’ve ever heard. And I constantly switch between the two. I can wake up one day and not believe the thought and then the next day it cripples me with worry. Just wondered if that’s something that others experience.

Thanks so much and take care x

Oh 100%! I have great stretches of time of clarity.

Ahh it’s nice to see you can relate! Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

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