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Is this a part of ocd?

I do this quite often and have done for years but is ruminating on a thought part of ocd, such as "did I remember to thank the bus driver that time two months ago when I got off the bus" and thinking about it for hours trying to be certain that I did thank the bus driver and thinkimg what if I didn't he will think I am rude and then everyone will think that. This goes on until I am absolutely certain I said thank you.

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Oh yes it sure is.

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This is typical of OCD. It likes certainty, and will make you ruminate for hours, and the more you ruminate the more doubtful you feel. Try to ignore these demands. Or perhaps say 'I'm not going to worry about it now, I shall give myself ten minutes to ruminate at half past three' or something like that. Then half past three comes and goes and you've forgotten! It's a technique I've often used and found helpful.


That’s happened to me when I was working at my old job, a lot of times when my shift was over and I went home, I kept thinking to myself “did I remember to clock out?” Then I would keep worrying about it the entire night expecting the manager to chew me out the next morning, but he never did, and I checked my punch in times, and I actually did clock out on time. So anyway yeah it’s a part of ocd.

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