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I have been seeing a councillor for about 2 months now and i don't feel a difference in my behaviour. I suffer from obsessive thoughts, tapping numbers, clicking my teeth to a specific pattern and continuously checking if the front door is locked. I have experienced many scary things in the past. My councillor says that my thinking and tapping is my way of coping with anxiety. On the other hand I have recently moved countries and my mum thinks that is why its started. I have searched up all the symptoms of OCD and I tick all the boxes. On top of this, recently I haven't been able to do much because it has felt like Im on a ship in the ocean and everywhere i look is just sea, there is no land! Sometimes i can see the land but then a big wave comes and the water gets 10x thicker! I have also had dreams that come quite often. A person is chasing me and no matter where i go the person somehow finds me, he's a bad guy and i don't want him to get me because if he does he will kill my family. Im forced to run from this guy that is everywhere, in every room! Im not sure if i have anxiety, OCD and depression. Nobody will tell me and i really need to know!

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Hi. It takes a while before you will feel that your getting somewhere with your therapist. It can take months to feel better like it did with me. It defo sounds like ocd also medication will help together with the therapy, it is hard work for you and the feeling of not feeling better is frustrating but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes time and i know you just what to feel better NOW. So work hard with your therapist and be positive and strong, im hear anytime you wanna talk. good luck .


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