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obsessional and intrusive repeating thoughts, phrases and words

Hi everyone

How graphic can I be - in the search to find a fellow sufferer or to give others hope that there ARE other people who suffer like me/like you.

I get swear words and suicidal commands repeating in my head all the time from morning till night....is so bad that I have on numerous occassions over the last year and a half have tried to take my own life to get peace for my mind.

on new and increased meds, but not very hopeful as been on similar before and it didn't help.

I would give anything just ANYTHING for a peaceful ordinary mind

I am a born again Christian and would be glad of any messages you may want to write to me.

you name it I've tried it..prostate in anguish in prayer to the Lord, fasting and praying, hundreds of fam and friends praying..practicing distraction and relaxation...NOTHING puts this devil away. I feel cursed and forgotten

any comments welcome


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Dear Friend,

I'm Milind from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I was also severly suffering form Ocd. But I came across one book 'Break Free from OCD' by Fiona Challacombe & two more and I started getting results. Plz try to get this book immediately & read it. I got it from Amazon.in It has described the disease & mentioned the various treatments like CBT also.


I share your problem to a degree so am very sympathetic. I hope you are getting support from a counsellor as well as your medicines. Please take comfort in family, friends and your faith.


Hi Floralpen,

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad at the moment :(

I also have constant intrusive bad thoughts in my head, they drive me crazy and get unbearable. I find that constantly distracting myself is the only way to get through the day. I read, watch TV, walk and I've recently found that playing games on my Playstation really helps, especially if it's a deep and engrossing game. It's a constant battle and the effort to keep permanently distracted is tiring in itself.

I've probably not helped much but if there's anything you can take away from this it's that you're not alone.

Best wishes and peace,


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When you say that you would do anything for a normal peaceful mind, echoes my feelings exactly as there are times when these unwelcome thoughts feel like they are going to take over. Strangely enough I have noticed that if I get up through the night and I am half asleep my mind seems to be much calmer. Perhaps I should dose myself with sleeping tablets and see what happens. Oh well just have to soldier on. Regards Castro.

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