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Repetitive stuck words, phrases, anyone?



My mind keeps repeating certain words or phrases over and over again, involuntary, like it's on autopilot. These are not compulsions since I don't repeat them myself to calm down, on the contrary, they seem intrusive and are making me very anxious, and keep going on this endless loop. For example: "red car, red car, etc"( this is only an example). Sort of like when a song gets stuck in your head, but instead of a song, just words/phrases. Please, anyone has any idea? Is this OCD related? Did anyone experience something like this? or at least something similar?

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Hello tudorborisev,

OCD can manifest itself in a multitude of ways and can occur for many reasons. There is research to show that it can be similar to the 'song stuck in your head' and there can be many reasons for this, serotonin balance etc.

Do you feel that if you do not repeat these words something bad will happen? Or do you get a feeling of dread if you they are not repeated?


No Joe, that's the thing. What you're describing are compulsions. But these are not compulsions since they are sort of intrusive and repetitive on an endless loop, and cause anxiety. Feels like my brain does it "by itself" and I don't have any control over it to make it stop.

I have the same problem but with images in my head for example: cutting my leg over and over again I can’t control it and I don’t want or chose to think about it. It can last up to 30 minutes of the same repetitive image and I can’t think of anything else although I try so hard too!

Similar things happen to me. I'll imagine falling over the stairs and getting a concussion or if I'm cutting food for example I imagine terrible images of cutting something off and Its irritating.

I keep having this happening to me and it's sending me crazy and feel like I'm.going to be like this for the rest of my life if it wasn't for my kids I'd be dead already iv been seen by mental health and currently on quetiapine and sondate which makes it a little more bearable but I'm sick with worry and very anxious about this it's making me feel like I'm messed up badly in the head

This is exactly how I feel ive suffered with anxiety most my life im 36 and the 1st time i ever experienced ocd or depression was the worst time of my life,as i gotnolder ive learned to deal with it better and better where it didn't control my life but recently my thiughts control me and its scaring me because i should be able to control them but all i do is wake up and sing the same song over and over again and if its not songs its something ive said in my head and I'll repeat it and repeat it..its like all my thoughts and senses are super enheigtened and i cant stop over thining all the also a mum of 3 children and im scared im going insane or im guna lose my mind and have my kids taken away from me :(

Karley in reply to AnxiousMum83

It sounds a lot like autism.

Kevash in reply to staceylc93

I feel your pain I’ve suffered with this for a year now with anxiety the main issue before for 20 years

I know what you mean when you say u feel like this is how you’ll be now and that is a scary thought

I know you posted this a year ago so I hope you have managed to find some peace as that’s all we really want

I'm also suffering from the same problem just spontaneous random thoughts that don't have any meaning.

Please reply if you got solution

Same thing happens to me been dealing with this for 2 years now. Thought it would go away but it has stuck with me. It’s very frustrating because I feel like I’m overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts all the time.

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Oh my gosh. You described how I feel about my intrusive thoughts. If I dont repeat my phrase I feel as though someone horrible will happen. To be specific, I repeat the phrase "I love god" in my head nonstop because a voice in my head (like a conscience) will say "I hate god" if I dont wage a constant war with it and push it back. Im afraid if I let this voice say "I hate god" I will go to hell and suffer which terrifies my, so I try to fight it and cancel it out. Its really hard and Its affected my studying and focus. I cant control my conscience going against me and saying "I hate god" however I can control saying I love god repeatedly. I just feel as though I must do to not go to hell.

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I have that same thing. I keep repeating "im christian" and if i dont my conscience will say something along the lines of "im not christian". So i just keep repeating "im christian" endlessly. Also if i hear someone use gods name in vain I have to think in my mind "dont use gods name in vain" everytime.

Hello, its 11:30 PM right now where I am and. I'm trying to watch a show and I have the same exact phrase in my head all the time."I love god" and if I if I dont think it or say it in my head. I feel like something bad gonna happen to me just like what your saying. I've been looking all over the internet to find out if there's something wrong with me I just find it absolutely crazy that your story fits mine exactly. The only thing different is I've had that phrase "I love God" stuck in my head sense I was little. It would go away something but then come back randomly i dont know what's wrong with me...

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Oh my gosh the same things happen to I sometimes think gods not fake God is real over and over and over and sometimes it almost makes me tryn say the oppisite

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I’m glad there are others like me out there, but I’m sad you guys are suffering. I’m in the same boat. I repeat various versions of the same phrase over and over in my head all day and it’s beyond exhausting. The only thing that has stopped it is Xanax, but my doctors refuse to prescribe it anymore. I repeat, “God is good, Satan is evil” over and over, and feel if I don’t repeat it correctly it might be an eternal sin and I’ll be damned. Sometimes I think my mind might have “said” it wrong, and that leads to sleepless nights and panic attacks. And then I feel anxious that I have to wait so long for the judgement day to see if I said it wrong. I’m a Christian, but I can’t pretend the Bible isn’t brutal, so perhaps it’s my mind waring against itself; trying to reconcile what is good and bad. I also have repeating visions of cutting myself, but I feel that’s just my way of getting some relief from the stress of it all.

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Oh woah u are in the exact same situation as me, exact same words nd all.

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something like this used to happen to me when I was little but went away over time. my mind would say those words but instead of thinking the opposite over it, I would try really hard not to think that because I know he's listening and I was worried he would think I was serious. I hope this goes away someday for you too and that your thoughts are more peaceful

This is crazy because this is exactly what I’d happening to me, I want to get rid of it so I’m trying my best but I don’t know what to do, I’m pretty late on responding with this but if got rid of this I’d really like to know how because I’m feeling horrible

Enjella in reply to jjfreshbeatz

Hello. I had Covid 19 and now my brain is doing the same thing. My guess after lots of research is it has to do with inflammation. I have all kinds of issues now due to it. Everything leads back to inflammation. Do the research on inflammation in the brain and how to get rid of it. Hope this helps.

Hi tudorborisev. Yes I have had exactly this, and it was terrible. Lasted for months. I had the same thing, didnt repeat them to calm down. They just were repeatative and caused alot of anxiety. I had one word that was constantly repeating in my head over and over. It wasnt a word I particularly care for and scared the heck out of me. Its anxiety.

I can tell you it can get better. I honestly just let it repeat itself as many times over and over until I didnt care anymore. It was hard to learn acceptance. Took alot for me to get where I am now. Everyone has weird thoughts just so you know. Doesn't mean we are horrible people. And if the intrusive thoughts cause anxiety that's because we fear them so much.

Take care

Thank you so much for replying. And how did you get over it and learn the acceptance? Did you go to therapy, or took meds, or by yourself? I'm currently under treatment with only antidepressants. I'm afraid if I talk to my doc about is, he will add other meds to the treatment, and I'm not sure if I'm willing to go down that road. I tried therapy but I encountered a psychologist that just wasn't for me. I really tried. Maybe I should try others too. I'm glad you could get over this which also gives me hope for the future. Any tips are welcome

I will try and help as much as I can. I am not a professional nor know much about medication. Just want you to know I have experienced what you are experiencing. I personally dont go to therapy or take medication. My personal choice, although I am not apposed to either. I hear the combination of both can help greatly.

What I mean by acceptance is allowing the thoughts to be there no matter how many times or how often it may repeat itself. And yes it does cause anxiety but I just let it be and continue whatever I was doing. It's not easy but with practice it gets easier. Its not to say I dont have the thoughts still, I do when anxiety is high, but I've learned to let them just be.

Have you looked into any self help books?

Yes, but most of the books are about classic OCD stuff (washing your hands, etc), or classic intrusive thoughts (violent, etc). I'm like you said, I don't care in particular for these words/phrases, the distress comes from the repetition itself. And wow! Overcoming this like you did, you truly are as your nickname says! Congrats and I wish you a very healthy life ahead! So, do you know such a book that helped you?

Sorry for the late response. I am not on the forum very often, and I've come down with a cold. Thank you for the praises. I have come along way since last year. Not fully recovered but I'm on my way. I do have the classic harm OCD thoughts, and I also have earworms. Songs that have played over and over. Even just random words. So l believe either way learning to accept is the same approach for all of them. Like Sallyskins said its only when you put meaning to them or care about them they begin to bother you more and cause anxiety. Or visversa.

I've read alot about OCD. I'm no expert, but I wanted to know why I was having such thoughts. The simple answer for me was I was over stressed and those thoughts were manifesting themselves because of it. At first I wanted true diagnosis, but then I realized anxiety comes in many forms and is different for everyone. I just needed help on ways to change my thought pattern and negative thinking. So I used the approach of acceptance. I didnt do anything, i just let the anxiety be there, thoughts, feelings all of it.

I learned that approach from the book by Dr Claire Weekes, Hope and Help for your Nerves. Suggested to me by a member on this forum. I also read a blog from and app called Anxiety no more.

There are different ways to recover and it wasnt over night for me. I have been working hard. Getting back to living a "normal" life. Working, driving and even grocery shopping. All which were extremely difficult for me last year.

Sallyskins has some great recommendations on self help books. I personally believe they help. Maybe speaking with your Dr would be something to look into. Just get an opinion on what you can do to move forward and feel some peace.

Take care

It's amazing how strong you were and still are. Having the patience and doing the work to recover with no medication from that difficult moment, cause I know how it feels and how hard it really is. Thank you for the advice. I will certainly read and take a look at the tips above. Take care and wish you well !

Thank you! I wish the best also. You are strong as well, just posting on here takes alot of courage :)

Renaat in reply to Worrier35

Hey Worried35! I see it’s been a long time since you posted this so I hope you will still see it... But could you please tell me how your OCD evolved??

I have random words that are constantly repeating in my head. I’m talking about morning to evening without pause - is this what you experienced too?

I don’t know how to cope with this. It’s not so much the words that I have a problem with, but the fact that it goes at the expense of “my own” thought process. I feel trapped in this repetition - I would love to try response therapy or whatever, but since I have no content to deal with, I feel like there is nothing I can do about it.

That’s why your message made me feel so hopefull. You say you just let it repeat - accept it. But do you mean that you just accepted that you will live with the repetitions forever? Or did they dissapear in the meantime?

I have been stuck in this loop for 4 months now, I’m trying not to fight back. But the idea that this might be forever makes me panic....

Worrier35 in reply to Renaat

Hi Renaat :) My OCD has always been lingering in the background growing up. As I got older the stressors of life made it more complex. The more stress I had the more anxiety came with it. Thats when the intrusive thoughts began. I've had them before in my early 20s they went away. The last time I got them it took a little longer for them to subside, but they did!

It wasnt easy and I'm not saying this to scare you. I'm being honest from my experience. Everyone is different. We all recover in our own time, and that's okay. What I mean by acceptance is letting the thoughts come and go as much as they want. And yes they were repeating in my head all day and all night. The thoughts caused panic attacks and severe anxiety. It felt like I had anxiety, then the thoughts and then even higher anxiety. If that makes sense. They didn't go away right away, it took quit some time and practice. I just let them repeat as much as they wanted too, even if it was a million times a day. When my anxiety was less so were the thoughts. It's tough but you can do it. Those thoughts will eventually subside the less you fear them or let them bother you. What I did is just let the high anxiety run and the thoughts run with it. I started to accept the thought as just that, a thought nothing more.

Have you read any OCD self help books? They have helped me alot! You can beat this!!

Take Care!!

Renaat in reply to Worrier35

Thank you so much for your reply! It really means the world to me to read this. No, I haven’t read any self help books yet, I have only looked online but the internet is so full of horror stories I didn’t know what to think anymore. But I am happy to know that there Is a way out of this, and I’m not going to let myself be convinced otherwise anymore.

I understand I’ll still have a long way to go and it will take weeks or probably months to get over this. But I Will get over this eventually.

Thank you again for giving me hope.

I wish you the best!

Worrier35 in reply to Renaat

Google made my anxiety so much worse!! I was using it as reassurance. I felt so horrible, and felt that everything I read was true. Try not to Google symptoms.

Glad to hear that you are taking a positive approach towards recovery! Recovery is different for everyone, I realized that I cannot compare myself to others, as far as recovery goes :)

You are very welcome! Keep staying positive!!!

Take Care

PumpkinSpice_ in reply to Renaat

Hi Renaat, I have a similar experience to all of you. How have you managed since posting this?

Yeah this is very annoying, I would say something in my head that is not true. It's like a tape recorder.

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Hello I've been reading this forum and realised I wasn't alone. I started getting these repetitive phrases about 2 weeks in after I started my antidepressant. I had them years ago but it all went when I came off meds. The doctors and nurses here aren't bothered and I know my anxiety levels are extremely high but this med is supposed to be for anxiety and panic attacks but after 4 nearly 5 weeks I seem to feel worse and the psychiatrist refuses to change them and I'm being discharged Thursday. So I admit am an anxious about that but having these phrases is driving me nuts . I don't know what to do anymore. The med is an awful one for withdrawals I've read.

Worrier35 in reply to basten

Hi Basten. Sorry you are struggling, I can relate. I dont really know much about medication. Personally I dont take any. But I am not against it either. I have read other peoples post, and many have said that medication can take a while to start working. We all are different, so I think what works for one person may not work for another. You said you have recovered from intrusive thoughts before. Did you have any type of therapy? Have you looked into self help books? I will try and help as much as I can. I only know from my personal experience, I am by no means a Dr., but maybe you can see another psychiatrist that's willing to listen to your concerns.

Take Care

basten in reply to Worrier35

Hello thankyou. They've now switched medication so I'm hoping the phrases will stop. I don't the psychiatrist has ever heard of it before!! I don't hear voices. They have not stopped since I woke up. But when talking to my son yesterday they did stop and just a couple came back later. Sooo annoying aren't they. I try to focus on things they've told me to do with self help but nothing seems to work. Thankyou for replying. It was good to knowvim not the only one getting these. X

Worrier35 in reply to basten

Hello:) Sounds like you are on the path to recovery. I personally was hopeful when the intrusive thoughts stopped even just for a little while. Maybe you are beginning to accept them as what they are, just thoughts. Staying busy helps too! Dont be hard on yourself :) take care, and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Thankyou very much. I've still got them but as you say staying busy helps a bit but they are still there in the background on and off. Just so annoying. Thank you again.

Hlo warrior35 thanks for ur guidelines to help us.. Its very difficult to be with this repetitive thoughts and other side what u doing as I m trying, sometime I also feel that these thoughts repeat itself and sometime I repeat them also, according to u what should I do..

Hello Gouravnarang. I can only say what I have done to get though intrusive/repetitive thoughts. It wasn't easy, but I let the thoughts play in my mind as many times at they wanted to. 100s of times a day literally. Yes it did cause more anxiety and distress, but over time they started to discipate. This did not happen over night. Took a long time for me to realize they are just thoughts, and acceptance of the thoughts as just what they are thoughts. They cannot harm me, and those thoughts are a part of my heightened anxiety. Hope this makes sense. I will try and help through my experiences as best as I can. Take care, and be kind to yourself. You will get through this :)

Thank u so much warrior 35,for sharing ur experience, god bless u..

You're very welcome. Hope this helps, I know it's extremely frustrating, scary and dreadful. Please take care, and if it gets to much to handle, you can always speak with your doctor. I certainly did. Also, there are other wonderful and most thoughtful members in this group. Maybe they can help you too with their experiences. Be kind to yourself.

Warrior 35 I want to know just more from ur experience that as I accept this thought repetition and let it be with myself, but if that time I have to do some work but as I repeating the same thought in my mind, then should I wait for this repetition calm down or complete the repetition phrases or pattern, or something else u should want to advised, my general question is how to focus on work while this repetition going on..

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I would let the thoughts as repetitive as they are run their course and continue whatever I was doing. And yes the thoughts would still be there, and it's not easy to ignore. Just let them be and keep doing what you are doing. I noticed that when I set a routine for myself daily, the thoughts started to lesson because I wasn't thinking about the thoughts, I was thinking about what I had planned for the day. I would let the thought complete itself and repeat itself as many times as it did, while I was working, walking, driving, talking, and socializing. They still were there. But they did start to lesson as I continued doing what I used to do before these stupid thoughts took over. These are just thoughts, they are part of the anxiety, and they will lesson as the anxiety lessons. So in my experience, getting back to the things I use to do helped alot. The thoughts didn't win and I was able to dig myself out of the dreadful loop of intrusive thinking. Took me quit some time to accept that they are and were just thoughts.

Thanks warrior 35 for sharing ur experience, hope u best wishes😊

Reality259 in reply to Worrier35

Worrior35,I’m going threw this right now.I feel as I’m going to be like this until I die.But then again I went threw this before and it went away

Worrier35 in reply to Reality259

Yes it's very annoying and extremely stressful!! Im sorry you are going through this, again.... I have come along way in recovery. Recovery is possible :) As you said it went away, same had happened to me. I do get the thoughts every know and then but not as bad as it was last year when my stress levels were out of control. I wish you the best and you can get through this!! :) take care

Reality259 in reply to Worrier35

Thank you so much warrior35

Reality259 in reply to Worrier35

So I’m guessing my Prozac is starting to level in my systems

Lee-rayto in reply to Worrier35

"Fonseca" I don't know what it is or how I came across such a nonsense word that keeps on repeating in my head over and over again. Even 1st thing in the morning when I wake up, 1st thought is "Fonseca". Ended up googling it this morning cause I wanted closure, maybe... Found out that it is a Cuban band which I must have been listening to the past weekend. But the damn name just won't leave my mind alone. I got a weird brain, but it honestly feels good to know that there are people out there experiencing the same effects as me. I have been diagnosed with bipola type 2 and A.D.D. and mild Form of ocd.

Worrier35 in reply to Lee-rayto

Hi Lee-rayto, sorry for the extremely late response. I hate intrusive thoughts, they cause alot of anxiety for me when I had them, no matter what the content. I hope you are feeling better today!! And yes I can absolutely relate.

Take Care

Reality259 in reply to Worrier35

Hey worrier35, I m sorry I’m talking to you about this I just love the help.I can accept I’m having this rite now as long as it’s not permanent.Because that would drive me insane ,but to tell you the truth I feel I’m being less obsessive and I care less about the thoughts.Deep inside I know I will get over this,it’s just the anxiety talking.

Worrier35 in reply to Reality259

Oh no worries:) I dont take medication, but I am not against it either. I use alot of mindfulness and i did exposure response as well. I tried not to avoid things because of my thoughts. For me when my anxiety was less the thoughts were less. Otherwise I would end up in that loop of anxiety, intrusive thoughts and more anxiety. Hang in there, I'm sure the medication will help, I have read many people have said it takes time to start working.

I just want to say your awesome for continuing to respond. I was actually looking for this for my 5 year old constantly saying things but realized this has been me. I have helped myself tons because I only believe in natural medicine and research. I take ashwaghanda( not sure if it is what's helping or just me) lol but I says it's awesome hearing your story. I also am on the right path. Mine has been different with mostly bible studies though. Just wanted to say your awesome. P.s. I signed up for this just to respond. Stay blessed.

Everyone experiences odd and often really weird things coming into their head apparently at random. It's OCD that makes people attach meaning to them.

But it must be like having a particularly annoying tune going in your head. Or like having a sort of tinnitus! It should get better by itself, just as tunes eventually do go out of your head. It it doesn't, and goes on causing you distress, perhaps it is something you should go to your doctor about.

I have had them for years and years but for the last few months they have been really getting me down.

I have OCD and it is anxiety related.

I am on medication but it doesn’t help the repeating.

I wish I had a switch that I could flick and get some peace.

tudorborisev in reply to Bird-67

Exactly how I feel. We're in the same boat. I really hope we'll get better.

Bird-67 in reply to tudorborisev

Oh yes, me too

Hi dealing with this myself. How are you guys doing since posting this?

Hello again, lovely to hear from you.

I was getting worse so 14 months ago I went back to my Psychiatrist and he changed my antidepressants and although they haven’t disappeared they are more manageable now.

I would say they are at the back of my mind instead of the front.

How are you doing this on your own and is it working? Good luck 👍

omg i thought i was the only one !!!!! every morning random thoughts and phrases in my head. If i see traffic lights i have to repeat RED IS FOR STOP GREEN IS FOR GO . Started when i went through a red light when i first past my test .

Hey my names David and I had the same thing happen to me.I try not to think of a name of people and I think it anyway.It lasted from morning to night.I thought I lost my mind and I’m in search of a helping hand.To tell you the truth I’m on Prozac and it went away.I thought I was cured and went off my meds and it came back again.Long story short it went away when I started the Prozac again,but here is my new problem.I had to get a job and needed to clear my system so I bought a detox drink that takes away any weed or toxins out my body.Which I don’t smoke anymore because it causes me anxiety.After my detox drink my thoughts came back and now I’m scared that I will be like this until I’m dead.Deep in my mind I know it will go away with the meds but my anxiety is telling me I won’t get my thoughts under control again.Its been a month sence my detox and I’ve been taking my Prozac as directed.I been having side effects of sweaty hands and feet and my doc says it will need to kick in my body again and I’ll be better again.please help

Is the Prozac affecting your driving? do you drive btw?

I'm like you, If I see a word or know someone from the tv or know someone in general I will repeat names in my mind and it will sometimes be a constant battle. At the moment that has been my normal way of thinking. If you think of a bad thought such as a name or a ocd thought/word do you get a headache afterwards?

punisher in reply to Reality259

ohh man I'm glad I'm not the only one like this here . This is exactly what I'm going through last 4 days , I'm repeating a name of my friend ,i don't know why, i have nothing to do with him.i tried to stop my brain thinking that name by saying "delete" "stop" etcetera , but non of them seems to be working . I'm getting very anxious about this and it's driving me crazy. May god help us all.

Heyy, My name's Garrett, n I've been having this SAME problem (alot like Tudorborisev said up there in the initial post) It's been doing this for a loong time now (like 8 months). I call it the "thought ticks" bcuz I don't know how else to put it or phrase it. I've talked to my psych doc about it (but the appointments are short n very infrequent)

So, it's like tudor said ^ My mind repeat's words and phrases over n over all day (sometime's of the day's it eases, other's are worse) But, often it'll say like the same two words, and something creepy or unpleasant like "sufferer" or "lunatic". I know i'm not a lunatic, but it keeps saying it without Me wanting it to in My head. And, it'll do this especially at the end of a sentence that I think of Or say to someone in person, n then BAM - it just Adds a word to the end of it. Or if I hear something that rhyme's with it (the creepy repeating words) It fire's it off like that.

I've been dealing with this for a long time, I can put up with it (but it's just weird and annoying) I really, really wish this would stop though, and my sentences or internal dialogue would just go back to normal, finally...

I think the best way to beat this though is like Worrier35 said, just Let it keep doing it and doing it, and eventually, hopefully it'll give up or burn it's self out. I ignore it for like a week straight, n don't "react" or "bite back" at it, n it still does it (But, it seem's to be less damaging than when I react or think about it). Could it be, that since I've been having this problem for soo long now that it could take a few weeks or even a month of ignoring it to eventually get it to Stop, finally ? !

Any help on this would be Greatlyy, greatly appreciated, thanks. Take Care :)

Hi buddy. Fortunately I found a very dedicated psychiatrist that also wrote books and went to international conferences. He assured me it's more common than we think in anxiety disorders and OCD. It's intrusive, repetitive and causes distress. For me what got me better in the meantime since I wrote this post was high dose of antidepressants alone without any other meds(no need for meds cocktail). He explained to me how OCD responds to high doses of antidepressants and smaller doses of the same med could be totally inneficient, but higher doses could work wonders. I went ahead with his plan of treatment without thinking positive or having high hopes (so no placebo was involved). After two-three months symptoms start fading away. You simply start to not think them, or if you do, you just don't care about them anymore. In time they go away completely like a bad dream that you forget. Note that what works for a person might not work for another so ot's useless to tell you what antodepressants I take. Instead you and your doc must try out using trial and error what works for you best. I wish you to get better and escape this symptoms which I know how horrible are at times. Good luck buddy and stay positive, it's still anxiety related no matter how frightening they may seem.

Please help. If u see my post you’ll see what I mean.Its hard to explain it over and over but I’m 4 weeks on Prozac 80 mg and it went away but I detoxed and my doc said my serotonin left my brain and I. We’d to wait until the meds kick in.It did go away when I was on them.My mind is telling me not to think of names but I think them anyway.Like I said this went away before is this a symptom it’s when I wake up until I fall asleep.

Defndr in reply to tudorborisev

Hi......i have a all these repetitions are the symptoms of anxiety.....these repetitions are due to anxiety?????.......i have diagnosed with severe anxiety.......whenever i have any examination i undergo through this problem of repetition. this ocd or its due to anxiety.....would u like yo cnfrm it from ur psychatrist .....plz its an humble request.

Hey Tudorborisev, how are you doing today on this front? Meds worked for you? You mentioned high dosage? 200? Please and thank you

Also related to my previous reply wanted to mention that this is what worked for me. Maybe for you therapy would be enough. I'm not encouraging people to take medication, I just told you what got me personally better. Stay positive friend!

I see, Yeahh - Right on, we'll I'm glad that worked for you (it really bites having "thought ticks") It's good to hear that they said it was more common then we think. But, I'm bipolar, and antidepressants don't work good for Me, they always make me depressed. I'm on Seroquel, Lithium n Attivan (Seroquel n Attivan to sleep). Im going to try and see a New psych doc soon, and the ppl that I go to currently is a government run place (it's free) and they have limited time / appointments. So, I hope this helps, I think there need's to be awareness or something raised for "thought ticks", U can find all sorts of stuff on Classic ocd symptoms, schizophrenia, but it's hard to find out about this. I was amazed when I first found this n thought "Omg, that's it - He's got the thought ticks !!" Lol ,

But I'm glad that worked for U, thanks 4 the help, take care :)

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I seem to be stuck in the same Bi polar zone.

I go through this everyday

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Hey MYWINSTON I recommend you pray to St Jude! He’s the patron saint of lost causes and impossible cases. All you have to do is write down your prayer to him and make sure you are specific in what you need help with and after that, recite your prayer to St Jude 9 times a day for 9 days. It has never been known to fail. Just be hopeful and you have nothing to lose! This also goes for everybody that’s reading this!

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You've got my attention and touched my heart with your comments about st Jude. I will surely take your advice. Thank God for people like you!!

I did experience something like this and its terrible, its gives me more worries and anxiety and I don't know when I started having this weird thoughts and weird words repeating in my head, its affecting my life and whenever I look at something for 1 second then this disturbing word comes repeated when I look at my stuff, like its weird but for example the word cancer pops out when I look at my food and then I just don't eat my food because I'm scarred if its gonna come to my food and I will have cancer, idk if you experienced this

Yes it happens with me

I have the exact same thing. Random words or phrases, sometimes it is something I have read. Like one day I read about the Antikythera devise found in Greece, and my brain just decided.....ooooo, that's a cool word, let's say it over and over and over again 1000 times. Nit sure why, but it is almost daily.

add me on fb i would be dead to if it werent for my kids my mental heath got worse

I found this forum and this message today when I googled this, as I had this same thing happen to me suddenly last night. Thankfully it did not last long, but it was a scary experience as it's the kind of thing I previously thought could only happen to "other people" and not to me.

It's helpful to read the experiences of others, I am hoping it was a one off thing that was triggered by some medication I was taking or something.

It happened after I fell asleep on a lazy chair in the living room and awoke at about 3am, I had to go shower before going to bed and I just got a two word phrase stuck in my head, I went to the bathroom to shower and it got worse and worse, i could not break free from it and I was thinking I'd have to go to hospital or something, then I got light headed and felt like I was going to pass out or be sick... I tried counting or reciting the alphabet but it took some time before I could stop or at least slow the repetitive phrase... then, it's hard to say how long after it started but probably no more than 15 mins I just managed to get my mind onto something else and then the problem went away.

It sounds very minor and trivial compared to the experiences of others, but it was and is scary for me.


I too have this, I call it ‘mind Tourette’s’ it’s been happening for years and happens with many different words, I get ‘Lawrence Fishburn’ and ‘Snozzberry’ a lot haha 😂 I haven’t watched any movies with him for in a while or watched Charlie and the chocolate factory 🤣 haha

But it can literally be the most random things, I had one the other day I can’t even remember what it was but I remember thinking after ‘ that was a new one’. It being OCD wouldn't make sense much sense as I have it pretty bad with numbers and that’s an impulsion; however it’s not an impulsion with this, I don’t get that feeling like I do with the numbers and it hasn’t really ever made me anxious either 🤷🏻‍♀️

I hope it all settles down for all of you x

Hello I'm the same as you I keep getting repetitive phrases going round in my head sometimes just a word sometimes a sentence it's driving me nuts and only seemed to have started when I was put on an antidepressant as I didn't have them before. The same thing happened years ago when on an antidepressant and when I stopped it they went away. They go on even if I'm talking to someone from a.m. to p.m. even if I'm trying to watch tv. Did yours ever stop.

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Hey Basten,

Sorry this is gonna be a long one though 😊

I also had this bad word in my head I don't know how I end up with that word.

But I keep calling it to everyone in my mind. I was so exhausted and looked for answers. You know like what is this? How to stop this? and etc..

I have anxiety and when I talked to my therapist she said I have OCD too.

So I was thinking about this all day and night which felt like I'm the worst. I used to call that word to my mom, my brother and all. So one day my mom was sitting next to me and suddenly she said 'there's nothing wrong with you didi it's just your thinking and your thoughts, so don't cling onto them just move on and live'

It make me realise that it really is my thinking pattern which make my life this harder. You really need to move on.

So I started writing why I'm like this,

These are just my thoughts. Not me. You need to realise it. Once I read it twice I just throw that paper away. Then I started to be myself who I really am. Eventually these thoughts will come and go at anytime anywhere. What we need to understand is that they are just thoughts. Do it for days and you will realise when there's no importance for those thoughts they are nothing.It's our fear of thoughts make us feel like we're crazy. The more we think the more they are gonna occur. Whenever you have a thought like that just stop it if you feel like or think nothing about it and let it be.

Of course it will make you feel guilty and exhausted bt who cares as long as it is not us bt just thoughts😊 It works for me everytime. I don't use any medication because I know that my mind is stronger than them and It is me who really needs to overcome this. So hope you will get over this and recover soon.. Be strong and keep fighting!!

I found this thread after I Googled, “I repeat words and phrases over and over again in my head.”

I want to see if any of the rest of you have some of the other symptoms I have. I feel like the feeling when I’m trying to remember 3-5 items at the grocery store. Like if I don’t keep repeating them, I’ll forget (which I do have a problem with). If I write them down, I find myself continuing to repeat them in my brain. Sometimes I’ll drive past a sign or store front and repeat the words I see, over and over. I tend to think the words rhythmically. With distinct cadence. It bothers me most when I’m trying to read. I’m on Paxil and Lamotrigine. Some here have mentioned being on antidepressants. What were they specifically. I feel like overstimulation might cause my word repetition along with my diagnoses OCD. I’m listening to an audiobook called Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics from my library and find it helpful for a while after I try the meditation techniques. But now I’m wondering if my meds might be exacerbating the mind repetition.


It happens to me all day long. I learned to go with the flow and the words will change on their own. Sometimes relief from my dog helps to distract my mind. Sometimes I just sit quietly and just listen to the world. Medicine can only put a bandaid on the symptoms ' I must take ownership of my wellness and my recovery from this. I think acceptance is the key.

I have this symptom as well and it really started when I withdrew from antidepressants so medication-induced obsessive and repetitive thoughts or images is a whole different ballgame than trying to deal with sort of organic ones. I did have this symptom several years before meds but through self-help I conquered it. But drug-induced obsessive thoughts are a whole new Beast. They can get worse on meds or Worse coming off meds they are horrible to deal with

I suffered the same thing. I kept repeating the same word over and over for 3 years. The cure turned out to be really simple. Just DON'T RESIST the words. THEY ARE ONLY WORDS and can't hurt you or anyone around you. It was like a spring that was getting tighter the more I thought about it. I kept thinking something bad would happen to my family or the person I was talking to if I did not fight back and say something positive in my mind to cancel out the negative thought. The truth to the matter is - Your subconscious wants to flush out those negative words and numbers, but each time you resist and think of something to fight back, you are effectively bottling the negative words back into your subconscious which is why they keep being repeated. They won't let go until you let them go. By allowing them to play out without interruption the chemical imbalance can be corrected and you will no longer be a slave to it.

The feeling of tension and anxiety will quickly pass by and you will be free of it and feel great. The passage of time is a wonderful thing. You might not realize it, but once those negative thoughts have been allowed to play out and escape the subconscious, your brain will correct itself and adapt as new information is stored and old information is discarded (including the negative impulses). Think of those negative thoughts as a bug that has found a nest inside your subconscious. It wants to be released, but you keep fighting it and bottling it back inside you again. Just let the words and numbers play out and you will get better almost immediately as long as you resist the urge to fight back. It is like the devil is playing mind tricks with you and it wants you to fight back which just makes it worse. Remember the cure is - DON'T FIGHT IT. Don't bother it, and it won't bother you.

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Hi Aaron did you ever try medication or did it eventually resolve itself

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I’ve been having for probably the last 4 or so months this constant, awful phrase that repeats in my head around death. Not about myself but about others, and I lost my brother two years ago so I have extremely high anxiety regarding death and I think deep down I’m just so panicked about any other loss. But the phrase that repeats in my head is almost wishing for it, which is my greatest fear. The thought of it makes me think I’m putting that on someone and hoping for it. But I always try to immediately tackle it with something else.. so maybe that’s the issue and I’m not dealing with the rooted fear..

Did you experience any panic attacks or anything while allowing the thoughts to come and go? That’s the part I have a hard time with.

Hey there how are you going now? I’ve just joined on here and reading so many stories that are familiar to what I have experienced.

Just wanted to comment because I have experienced this too. I’ve googled it extensively and can’t really find any information on it. I started experiencing something similar when I was 7 or 8. Mine is a little different though, because the automatic repetitions were simply words or sentences that people were saying to me, like “audio snippets.” For example, someone would say “hello” to me, and I’d repeat it, then I’d say something and repeat it, then I’d automatically repeat various parts of the conversation in my head. I’d never repeat it more than two or three times, but id do it throughout the day and it persisted for months on end. It caused me a great deal of distress. I eventually went on meds and they helped me tremendously.

Anyway fast forward 14 years later and an extreme bout of stress brought it back to the forefront. It sucks and is distressing. But I’m trying to use mindfulness to see if it will help. Just wanted to say to all the people here that you’re not alone in experiencing these automatic mental repititions that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on, at least on the internet.

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You have what i suspect is Echolalia.

Yes!!! I do this! I‘d like to share my story. I woke up this morning and looking at my closet thought about putting on a sweater. I then began spelling S-W-E-A-T-E-R in my head over and over. It felt good until I realized it is strange to do this. :/ But then told myself. “Yes, good job! That is how you spell sweater. “ I then stopped.

I am menopausal (55 yrs. old) and this behavior started about 48. Hormones can drive one bonkers!!! I had a terrible time with anxiety, stress, panic attacks & paranoia at 52 (up and down from 48-54) and sought psych help (at 50). I would constantly ruminate about injustices or perceived wrongs at work and home. I was hypersensitive to injustice. This is the best I can explain it. Dr. diagnosed me with PMDD and put me on generic Paxil, dose 10mcg at first then 20. I was in a very stressful job. Had a stressful home life (2 teens), terrible diet and poor nutrition. I seldom got sunshine-had low D, low iron, Low B. Just poor nutrition overall as I didn’t eat fresh fruits and veggies but mostly processed foods.

ADVICE: If you don’t take vitamins start with a B complex supplement. B helps repair nerve sheaths and is important for neuron function in the brain. Bad cellular function leads to bad function of the synapses! Your thoughts become literally scattered and your brain cells fire and misfire!!! I started taking vitamins (B & D under tongue drops (sublingual OTC drops), iron pills, drinking water, and doing a KETO/low carb diet (Primarily, no white sugar or flour). I exercise (walk) but not a whole lot. I got more sunshine. I was on the Paxil about 2 years. I have seen amazing results with diet and supplements. I also changed jobs and my kids are away at college most all year. If you’re not familiar with the latest “GUT to BRAIN“research look it up! Latest studies show all disease (as the Greeks said!) is connected to your gut health,

More over, during the holidays (from Thanksgiving to now) I haven’t had my usual work routine. I have been eating empty sugar /sweet carbs and have been more stressed through the holidays. Also, Getting very little sun as it’s been cloudy and rainy. So... now I am having some ruminations-but nothing as severe as before. I am certain my diet/stress and lack of sun and routine is to blame when kept in check I am much more focused with little to no anxious thoughts.

For me, I think I had a cocktail of issues/problems. Diet and hormones can cause havoc if not kept in check. I also believe as we age some of these issues begin to compound as in my case with poor diet/ exercise and stress.

I am a Christian and do pray/read the Bible. I believe God is my hedge and protects me from the forces of evil that attack from the spiritual warfare. Prayer helps greatly and God is my shield.

While the Paxil worked for me not all meds work the same. I was only on it temporarily and stopped on my own as it isn’t addictive like others and has a short-cellular life. But I will say -in the short term-it saved my life .

I’m so sorry for any one who has to endure anxiety on a daily and hourly basis-IT IS HORRIBLE. I could barely function and at times almost gave up and considered driving off a bridge. Don’t give up people! I believe the answer is in your gut! Much ❤️ !!!

When i was walking i am repeating 63 72 81 90 in my head and complete patterns of the streets / road I am drawing or writing 63 72 81 90 in the sheets and I am worried if i put on my wallet or not i have to check twice is that normal ?

Hi there, my boss has a similar condition where during his speech he repeats the same phrases and/or words over and over.

Sometimes it’s like he gets stuck on a loop whilst talking and struggles to break free of it but can still form full sentences and thoughts.

And it has nothing to do with OCD or a strong psychological need to ensure ones own safety.

It’s a condition called Palilalia. The involuntary repetition of syllables, words or phrases.

It is often a symptom of many other underlying conditions. For example, Tourette’s.

this happens to me too. it's just like getting a song stuck in my head but with words that are "catchy" like a song or fun to say or think. like if someone has a cool sounding name my head can't stop saying it over and over again.

Inflammation in the brain.

Yes I m also suffering from same situation, do u overcome it Or have useful solution regarding this


This is an ocd symptoms by the research it says due to imbalance of serotonin level chemical in brain it happens so you need ssri's serotonin booster medicines and some relaxation method like meditation 'om' chanting for 15mins and you can try hypnosis on ocd .this you can get from youtube. All the best.

I can't stop repeating the word "best" in my head. No reason why. Just because each sound of each letter satisfies my brain. This isn't the first time this has happened. Sometimes this just happens randomly.

hello i am really sorry to hear that you are going through this firstly i have been through same the only difference is that there was a name stuck in my head and that name was of my ex bf which made me really annoyed it repeated in my head for more than 3 to 4 months until i reached a point where i wanted to separate my head from my body so you can imagine what an awful feeling that was, I tried meditation but that really didn’t work as my mind was stormy and meditation tool only made it worse so finally i sat down and had a conversation with myself saying what my obsession is just a damn word just a name which doesn’t exist in reality even if this name replays in my head forever does it really matter the answer was no because at the end reality remains the same which is for u as well as for me .... you will never see a red car in reality nor am i gonna see my ex or is he coming to harm me in reality so the best thing we can possibly do is to ignore such thoughts because the more we give them importance the more they have the power over us we must not even consider it to be important enough to care for it by discussing it as words are just words and not reality just because they repeat in our head which is again a part of our body doesn’t make it any real so the best thing is to start liking the word infact allow it to come on purpose and trust me the words will lessen with time and you will start feeling better . All you need to do is tell yourself okay i like this word and i accept its a part of me and i want it to come in my head . If i talk about myself the name has almost stopped and even if it comes i care a damn god bless you feel free to connect if you wish to you are not alone :)

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