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Thankyou for your replies on 'Intrusive Thoughts'. It was my very first mail, read on:

'Intrusive Thought,' OCD , because of its very nature ie. the secrecy attached to it., seemed unaproachable and subsequently untreatable. This barrier I know needs to be broken. For many years that I have suffered I have only told the proffessionals what I want them to hear, Reasons why,: fear of rejection., complete loss of the very thing I needed most,:confidence and self esteem . At this time, I am writimg a full and honest description of the very worst of it, and its cinsequences.. I know it is the only way forward yet, this very process is in a way as terrifying as the OCD. I am using the book of OCD Intrusive Thoughts as a help. Over the next few days I need to give it to the proffessionals involved-' I am not ready,never have been and never will be ready to reveall the intricate horror of this condition in detail.. Stregth is the thing needed yet in this very process is draining away. But no going back..OCD has a way of feeding off itself,it is a very cruel thing created by us.unintentionally Innitially for all the right moral reasons, as I think many of you know. I would be pleased to hear your views.

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You will be surprised if you reveal your thoughts to them as I did. The professionals I have spoken to did not bat an eye about the "horrendous" secrets I told them. They know that we need help not judgement and that it is an illness. Telling them my worst thoughts has helped me get a hold on my condition.


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